Reo 01 ~Boredom~


Why do I have to tell this story?
Its boring.
Besides, the perspective is not… funny?


Boredom ch 01

Leos hometown was an important and populated city of his country, yet he had nothing to do and grew up watching television. His first memory comes from being like four or so, thats what they kept saying, the school was the one his sister went, that had the same name as the city, was an all girls school at that time but the kinder was opened for boys. It changed some years after, like all one sex schools in town, people back then thought it was wrong to mix boys and girls, later generations realized it was stupid and created social problems, especially with the boys, and the schools saw it was bad for business.
The kinder school was catholic and administrated by nuns who lived in an adjacent building, the kinder was fenced from the rest, consisted in like four classrooms with a different grade each, all with female teachers; outside the classrooms was a grass playground with old metallic games under the sun and some painted used tires that were supposed to be fun, cause cheap nuns in charge of entertainment.
During the first break, the kids from the kinder were allowed to go beyond the fenced grass playground to where the rest of the school had their breaks, this in order to allow them to buy food from the school small store. There were very tall lonely trees and Leo liked to walk among them and think about nothing, one time while he was doing it, he kept remembering all the places of the school he just got to know, he said to himself “this is going to be my first memory”. Years later the nuns sold that valuable part near an important avenue, and it became some kind of cheap postgrade school, they cut down all the tall trees and made a parking lot.
I have no idea how long the kinder grades lasted, one day Leo was in first grade, the other they changed him and was in third grade, apparently they move him up because he was smart or something, but I dont know about that, he always placed the right hand red wristband on his left until corrected, even when he was right handed and lefties were evil and were born very, very wrong, cause he heard that somewhere among all the nonsense. One time they made an event with a little wedding, the teachers chose Leo as the groom and some supposedly good looking girl as the bride; they were all cheering Leo, he did as they told him, but he couldnt even speak with the girl, they didnt told him to speak with the girl.
Leos mother and one of her friends wanted their children to enter a sophisticated only male catholic primaria (elementary), the entry exam was supposed to be extremely difficult, which would be ridiculous, how the hell are you going to pass the normal exams if you can even make it with the entrance one?. Leo quickly finished and the female teacher in charge congratulated him, he was kind of impatient so she told him to sleep in his desk while the others finished, stupid little Leo almost always obeyed orders, so he slept at his metallic small desk with attached also metallic chair.
Leos family was poor, therefore they got a beca (so you dont pay full) and six painfully boring years happened, I rather kill myself than writing that, stupid Leo got more stupid. His grades were good the first three years, later he got tired and became average. The same happened in the male only secundaria (middle school), he got good grades, he was great at basketball, he had some nice friends; then at the middle of the second year he got tired, thanks to his friends his grades didnt went down until the next year, but he left the basketballian robotic repetitive ways because he hated the contact, and eventually he walked away from his goody friends too.


He lived three blocks away from the secundaria but he was always an hour late. For some weird unknown to everybody reason he started to idolize a woman and became desperately inlove with her, even when he didnt really know her, it was a female teacher, he was a funny good looking kid with a strong personality, the teacher smiled at him and answered his jokes, he was used to be liked and praised by female teachers, but now he completely misunderstood everything and created a little chaos when he started and continued to confess his sick stubborn love for her, she immediately rejected him via the principal assistant, but some people just wont listen. He got into a million troubles with the school staff, the religious directives liked him for some reason so he was never fired. Eventually he graduated, but his sick love was still there and got him into more troubles, until he definitely had to forget about her, and when he did it was in a second without remembering back, because he didnt really love her.

If you dont get rid of the source of the problem it will come back again, so when Leo entered the boys and girls preparatoria (high school), eeeeverything happened again. After he finally forgot about his old teacher, Leo tried to relate to the girls in his classroom, even when he had near zero social skills. He looked great, had good clothes, was smart and praised by the teachers, he also had a strong personality, so he had no trouble getting inside their social circles, staying there was another thing. He noticed a girl and tried to get close to her, in normal circumstances they probably could have made a nice couple in its proper time, but his sick desperate love kicked in and it all happened again, but this time for three long and boring years.


Boredom ch 02

Long ago Leos grandfather was a high executive of a bank in the northwestern part of the country, because of his work, his family had to constantly move to another city. It was troublesome for his kids but the money made things up all the time, when very young they were poor, so the change was very welcomed, they lived in big modern houses, had nice clothes, the newest furniture, a car, and all of that which contrasted so heavily with the dirt roads and the donkeys to move around.
At some point, the government nationalized the banks and their employees had an uncertain future, there were a lot of movements even before that and it was time for Leos grandfather to retire, so he took the chance and moved to the funny long name city where his son and daughter went to study college and stayed there. Leos mother always lived with her parents until she got married and established in that city as well, why? I dont know, I never asked.
Leos aunt got married and went to live north, where his husband had his family business and wealth; Leos uncle was gay, to the shame of his parents, he liked to party all night, get drunk and such, he remained single or temporarily with some partner, and lived in that city too.
Leos grandfather had money saved from all his years of work, but his son got greedy and made very bad investments with his father as a collateral, so the money was gone. The brother of Leos grandfather did the same too, so at the end they lived in a small apartment near a brewery, thats the time when Leo got to know them. The neighbourhood was nice if you ignored so much as Leo did, and was next to the one where Leos family bought the house years later.
Mmm, well, thats the general idea of how they lost their money, Leo never asked about it.
As said before, Leo used to visit them and was cool for a kid like him at his age, with cable tv, snacks, sodas and chocolate milk; sometimes he played throwing baseball across the small street with his grandfather, it was boring unless you imagined otherwise. They never went to visit anywhere because, I dont know, maybe cause they were poor, or lazy, or there was nowhere to go anyway, sometimes is hard to realize how little you know about the people you live with for so many years.

A female friend of Leos uncle gave him a little fancy adorable dog, but he wasnt home much, so he left him with his parents or his sister. Later, he got the dog together with the one his female friend had, blabla, the family end up having four, they were small so it wasnt much trouble; good thing they didnt stayed with Leos uncle, because he was horribly greedy and for the right money he could have turn them into expensive tacos.
Leo grew up and didnt feel like going to visit his grandparents too much, it was imaginarily good but he felt like he needed to do other things, staying there was like being trapped inside a nice pretended childhood. His grandfather resented him but he never told him anything, he did to his daughters though, Leo felt bad and one evening he called him to go watch a baseball game with snacks and sodas, they agreed but became extremely unpleasant, there was Leo watching and eating while the pair of annoyed “I have to stand him being here”who just sat for moments at his side. Leo never went visit like that again.
Then the deaths happened and Leo even lost his room because his grandmother needed it. He got nice toys when growing up because his aunt sent them to him, but after childhood, it was very difficult, like I guess it was for every kid his age and not rich in that country, there was nothing to do without a good amount of money, everything was expensive, there was no normal way for him to make any money because all of the adults in that town are stingy as hell, there were a couple of boys living near but they didnt have much in common, the only girls near were the ones at a massage places, he wanted to go but he didnt have any money, and to top it all up he lost his very boring room, he had nothing to do, he lost the place to bore himself in peace, he had nowhere else to go.
Leos parents were average at parenting, they werent bad but had their money problems made from mistakes and that turned them bitter as poor.
Before they bought the house, Leo got a tiny service room for himself, it was cozy and he was happy. He felt he was very weak so he started to do heavy exercise sessions by himself, he began with little and did more as he got stronger, they called him obsessive but he didnt care, he continued in half secret, ended up doing four or five hours in the middle of the night, got up for school, come back, eat, sleep and do exercise again. This was the time where he stopped doing homework and started to be late all the time, but his body was healthy and he needed it very much.
Now that he had his own tiny room, he began to take care of one of the dogs, she was a beautiful black and white little one, who received Leos love as little and useless as it was.
Sometimes he could play soccer with a couple of other younger boys using the trees at nearby park, then drink water from a faucet, the one youre not supposed to do, though it really depends where exactly you live in the city, some waters are better than others, you dont have to worry about fluoride because they already stole the money to buy it. The boys didnt really get along, so it used to become boring very quickly.
When they bought the house, since he had basically nothing, he was the first one to move there, he did it on his own because it was one block away from the rented house they lived in. They told him to take the upstairs room, it was a big room with a bathroom, but nobody wanted because it was isolated from the rest of the house; later they regretted, it was a treasure to be hold, and Leo was the lucky one who got it.
The situation didnt mean that things were thaaaat bad, he could sometimes go to the arcade and pretended he was playing, he never got bullied because he looked strong, his sister made her parents buy a computer and sometimes he could play some videogames, he had his beautiful little dog by his side, he made imaginary games all the time to play on his own, life wasnt that bad, just average, apparently.



Boredom ch 03

Then Leo entered high school, it was bothersome because now he had to take the bus, and those were horrible, he could socialize with girls a little but it wasnt worth at all. Those long hours at school were very annoying for him, most of the few friends he could make were extremely boring and square minded, he wasnt learning anything interesting, just mechanical things he could have learned on his own if he wanted, and he didnt. At most of the breaks he had nothing to do, he walked around places to see if anything interesting was going on, sometimes he just left school and looked for it elsewhere, going to a mall, thinking of buying some ice cream but actually dont, and watching some stores was heaven in comparison of the boring hell that awaited him at school.
To make things worse, he didnt have any breakfast at home, and barely had any money, he had to eat what he could and wait until la comida (dinner around 2:00pm, at night is like lunch, I actually like it better this way).
Leo normally never did anything at high school, he never did any homework nor studied, he just did the exams while trying to make some sense out of them, often it took him the whole permitted time, but he always did good. He even invented since secundaria a cheating system to pass the answers to others and got some money for snacks, he never liked to cheat for himself, he rather trusted his own skills, at the end, it was like a mind game for him.

At his last grade, there was a good and smart male teacher who Leo found interesting and nice, so he got close and talked to him, he ended up bringing his so called friends with him and they all got along when possible. Leo was supposed to be the center of that group, it could have been great, but he never really became because he just didnt do it, he used to say very wise things that impressed them, to finally become this bizarre idiot chasing some completely normal girl who had nothing in common with him at all. With the secundaria teacher it was “you have to love me”, with the preparatoria girl was “I need you to live”, it was extremely shameful for the people around him, but he didnt care about anything and kept with the same stupidity, it was the second group of friends that Leo could have led to wonderful things but he let down for something incredibly worthless, though I dont really sense a loss under that configuration.
Leo had this “why did he do that?” habit to self sabotage himself since ever, like he didnt want to move on or something, and there are plenty examples of this. When he was young, a karate school opened near of where he lived, so his mother signed him in. It was easy for him and did well, he and another kid were the best of the school, one time he got to fight him, he was winning yet was bored, so decided to throw a faster punch, he never aimed for the face cause he thought it was gross to do for him, he mostly defended and counter in the chest area, however this time he thought it would be funny to aim for his head, he wasnt very sure so he hold the punch at the last moment, but the other kid couldnt defend anyway and got hit with the pinky finger of Leos fist, who thought it was nothing but the other kid cried for like ten minutes. Leo felt bad but the teacher reminded him to sit down and look the other way. At the end nothing serious happened, Leo said he was sorry but it was part of the fight and the other kid said and was indoctrinated to think it was ok, however for Leo it was not, he did easily great at tournaments until some point when he purposely just defended, step outside the ring many times and got disqualified, neither his family nor teachers talked to him about it and he left the karate school soon after that.
Since Leo liked to wander off to places instead of dying of boredom in the preparatoria school, and was always looking for girls, he ended up meeting a lot of women who felt attracted to him, it was natural, what was not is that he never committed to anybody, sometimes it was because of the lack of money, others he just didnt do it, yet he was still interested in the girl, and for the craziest, he had his oddly obsessive feelings about some other girl.
Many so called expert people tried to talk Leo into sense but nobody was at his lunatic level, no mind tricks nor social pressure worked against him, the structure of what he was doing had no logic in their reality, he felt no shame nor regrets, his family was completely normal, even his pretty dog was still alive. There was not an obvious reason for him to do those things, yet he did them and nobody knew why or what to say about it, especially his parents.
It was different with this girl than with the female teacher who completely blocked herself for personal reasons, Im not saying was bad, but maybe she could have been the one who could teach Leo not to do those things and why not to, after all she was a teacher, you cant expect a normal teenage girl to do it. I guess they didnt pay her enough, hehehe.
I dont think it was that difficult to make Leo act properly, you just had to be a girl he could connect with and talk him into reality, the source of his behavior was going to still be there, but at least he would have behaved around you. In secundaria, there was a young blonde good looking english teacher who Leo liked, even when she knew about the things he did, she got along with him during classes; she just got married and was thinking about having a kid, sometimes she liked to play with Leo to feel “what would it be like?” fixing his clothes, joking, a palm on his back, forcing him to be silent, do the homework or just letting him get away with not doing it. A couple of times Leo wanted something else, she quickly noticed and put him in his proper place without a problem.
The teenage girl had some feelings for Leo, but he was such a freak most of the times, it was just impossible, besides, they didnt have anything in common, there was nothing to share nor talk about.
When it was near time to graduate preparatoria, people around him decided to get tough about his crazy love in order not to make it escalate after graduation, the girl had learned her lesson not to provoke him and the adults were serious about it, not that it was the first time. Everything went well, Leo decided not to push things forward and quickly forgot all about her, because he didnt really loved her.



Boredom ch 04

So, Leo preparatoria days were over and a golden age of eating breakfast every day had started. It all began while he was still going to school, his sister boyfriend got him a game to play in the computer, Leo also got another on his own and shared it back, those games were strategic rpg addictive style that sucked your life in exchange of fun, and was totally worth, its not like over there was better.
Since he had nothing to do at school, Leo used to go to the library, the male and female employee were nice people and he got along with them, especially the lady. He managed to forbiddingly install a game in one of those ancient computers and played in low settings, it was a glorious feeling to had some forbidden fun at school, if he was able to do this from the beginning everything would have been different. Nobody messed with him until someone in charge of the net discovered and uninstalled it, he warn the library lady to keep an eye for it, so she gave Leo a small lecture.
Leo used to do a lot of things that were against the rules or just out of order in that school, like letting his hair and beard grow long, wear tshirts, sleep in class, not praying before every class nor ever; those types of things, but it was rare that someone would bother with him, he was not worth the trouble, he was oddly with his actions and was not easy to confront.
His sister was going to finish college the next semester after his graduation, so his parents decided to hold Leo from entering the same expensive college until she was out, they thought that he could learn english, because they nor anybody else believed when he said that he had learned on his own while watching TV.

Leos father got him a job, something related with social security pensions administrated by private corporations, the job was to go visit people at home or work, explain some things and get their papers to sign them in with his company; he didnt have to go there daily as others, he was the type that only went there to deliver the papers and got paid only for that. He got along with the manager and the receptionist, he spent triple the time talking than doing the actual deliver at the office. Leo didnt feel like doing that job so his father got him the papers and they shared the money, well, sometimes he got him the papers, most of the times he did what plenty workers did, just make the papers yourself and forget about the trouble, the companies knew yet they allowed it because it was a victimless thing, until it escalated when more people started complaining and they decided to blame the workers, but at that point, it was rare that anyone could get fired anyway.
Later when things became more strict, Leo had to go get the papers himself, he didnt know how until one day he saw a list of possible clients, that data was sent from the government, it was the people who hadnt sign with anyone, nobody wanted to do it but Leo felt he could, he did a few high salary ones that were kinda close to his home and made some good money, the manager used him to lecture the rest of the employees who didnt want to work that list. Afterwards, Leo used to get one or two low salary papers every week, so he just made some little money to live on.
It was fun for Leo to do that job, he got to meet new girls and explore new places he was afraid to go before because he didnt know and were poor people neighbourhoods, the manager told him not to go dangerous places and he obeyed, he met girls of all types and he had good chances, but he never got into a relationship.

The money he got was badly spent, but to Leo it was fresh air full of life, after delivering the papers he used to go into malls or such, buy malteadas (ice cream milk shakes) or a nice dinner that usually consisted of burgers, he couldnt buy pizza because was too expensive and the idiots didnt sell in pieces back then; then he hanged around the malls until early night and left for home. He even bought a portable cd player and a couple of nice caps that he used to wear all the time, even at work.
He still saw a couple of friends from high school until he nearly was out of his college years, those two friends never got together because were too different, so he met them separately. With one he used to go to his house, talk I dont even remember what, play board games, walk around the block, go to a so called cultural coffee near there, where Leo never ordered anything, and stuff like that; sometimes the friends younger sister were with them, or a neighbour younger girl who believed she was a vampire and even drank blood from Leos right hand after a play accident, the vampire girl got feelings towards Leo as a result of the intoxication, he liked her and went visit her kinda often even when she was very difficult at times, but Leo never really pushed forward, in spite of her trying to hold his hand and such. Eventually the girl got her vampire energies out and got a normal boyfriend, they were busy doing their things so Leo forgot about her while feeling nothing. Back to his friend, he was intelligent and liked cultural activities, he loved to read about the aztecs and such, he was a nice person and pursued a career in education paid with a work benefit of his father, he was serious about his work and he loved to teach children, he and his sister gave church classes to kids in a near their home temple. He finished his career and started working, Leo separated when he became openly gay, not because of that, Leo still saw him the same, but he only cared about gay culture and got away from Leo and his girly ways. The friend had fought his parents and left home to live with his boyfriend, then another boyfriend. The last thing Leo knew about him was when he saw an article in the internet local newspaper, it was about work visas to some meat factory in canada, it had a photo of the fortunate ones and in the middle was him, Leo wish him luck and continued with his life, Leo, he was too busy with his own stuff to care much about a used to be friend he didnt have that much in common anyway.
The other friend was different and he shared some of Leos habits, he went to medical school and had long study hours, but he was the kind of person who liked established things. They mailed each other and met in malls on friday or saturday, they normally went to the movies and eat something later, until Leo got sick of the horrible movies with the sinful waste of money and decided to stop, the friend got mad because he thought it was boring, but his father gave him money and Leos didnt, he wasnt going to spend on that boring hell just because. They used to dinner pizza or burgers and some dessert, until Leo had spent too much money on that and stopped, he then just hanged around while his friend bought stuff for himself, stingy culture is a big thing here, so the friend never shared anything but Leo didnt care. It was fun talking with him since preparatoria because they used to mock things, and he grew up watching american shows, the friend had a slight american humor that matched Leos, so it was fun to hang around in with, though with time Leo got tired of him, he wanted to do the same boring thing again and again, eventually he had nothing to talk about, he just wanted to finish his career, get a job, have money to get a girlfriend, marry that very first one soon and have a bunch of kids he could enjoy since early age. To Leo it stopped being fun, he felt like he was dating him out of pity, and wasnt even getting something in return, he had enough and completely cut communication with his friend at once, never heard from him again and couldnt care less.
Why care about boring useless people when you have good videogames to play.


Boredom ch 05

Leos time to finally go to college arrived, he was full of energy and dreams, which quickly disintegrated in that boring place. He needed to take the bus as always but it was faraway and there was a lot of transportation problems, he chose a stupid career that had no future, he was just wasting his time, effort and little money.
At the first day and hour of school he met a girl in his classroom, she was kinda good looking so he decided to talk to her. The girl was very different from all the girls he had met, she glued to him all the time since day one, only left him alone was when someone needed to go to the bathroom. It wasnt romantic though, they were a friendly couple, she hanged with him because she lived all her life in a rural town and just came to the city for college, she didnt want to be alone so Leo was like a treasure for her, yet they were very different and could barely find a conversation topic.
That starting day, Leo ended up inviting her to his home for la comida, his family was impressed because they were used to his crazy nonexistant relations, and now they had a nice looking girl in flesh and bones who willingly accepted to be there after one day of knowing each other. It was also a relief for them because they were worried the same was going to happen again, especially since the prepa girl attended that college too, Leo saw her and they even crossed ways a few times, she seemed excited after losing contact for months, but Leo didnt want to look at her anymore, for him she was a nasty person who couldnt talk to him and it wasnt the first time she teased him, he may have been annoying and insistent, but he was never violent nor aggressive, he always used a kind voice for her ears. He finally saw her for who she was and decided to completely ignore her, for this, his new all day company was very effective, the prepa girl and her friends couldnt get close since he had a girlfriend, or at least looked like it.
Leo saw two worlds facing each other, he loved the new one and hated the old, he didnt have a real relation with anybody so he could easily decide by himself, the prepa girl and him lost contact forever and nobody cared.
The new girl at Leos side all day long had that lonely coming to the city feeling, it was rare because she wasnt that naive, it was weird because she had the habit to stay quiet when for some reason she wasnt comfortable with something, she really started talking to Leo like two weeks after they knew each other.
Leo did as he normally do and didnt push forward into becoming her boyfriend, she never left his side at school but she started dating other people outside, eventually she told Leo about it, he felt bad but thought it was stupid, so he carried on the conversation. It was nice for her because she could talk very personal and intimate things she wouldnt normally said to a man, like her bunch of relations, body hair or those dirty jokes Leo didnt understand or appreciate. She used to make him keep her company while buying clothes like miniskirts, food at the supermarkets, and even condoms while looking inside sexshops. It was frustrating for her because he was supposed to be having sex with her, and for some strange reason he wasnt.
Something they had in common was that they liked good bathing products, Leo used to buy one or two and used them, the girl ten and ended up sharing some with him. It was sort of cute and didnt implied bathing together.
After a couple of months, Leo started to feel uncomfortable at school, he was too agitated, his head and chest hurt, he told her but she didnt have anything to say.
The girls parents were divorced and it was difficult because there wasnt enough money for her. She was living alone in a house property of her mother and aunt, but they were always fighting and was annoying for her to live there, she was a horrible housekeeper too.
She decided to drop that college and go to the state one that was almost free and had an equal level, which was a good decision. Leo tried to convince her to stay but he had no arguments, she tried to convince him to go but he hated change, she didnt had the money to stay and that was final, Leo didnt have the money to stay either, but he and his mother were very foolish and stubborn so he remained until the end of semester.
Leo kept seeing her, he even was with her in the new university entrance procedures, but back to his school it was very different, Leo could talk to others and such yet he felt completely lonely and started to see that college for what it was, a living hell for him.
He was always late because of the stupid buses and failed one class, he also had the debt of a lot of money his family didnt have, so he left that idiotic place and never paid.
And about the girl, she had a large family, money troubles and was sick about it all, she wasnt very smart either, she thought that she could find a nice boyfriend, get pregnant, then married, make him work and pay for everything while she took care of the home and kid, though I dont know how, she was terrible at housekeeping. The first choice was our dear Leo, who liked the idea of finally have sex with her, but even as stupid as he was, he thought it was a very bad idea and rejected her.
She had some boyfriends and eventually got away from Leo. One night she called him and said that she needed to see him immediately at his home, a few minutes later she was at the door with her boyfriend, they were there to deliver a wedding invitation. It was supposed to be a surprise yet Leo knew because he quickly noticed that she was pregnant, they talked and laughed for a little while, they had to give Leo another invitation before they left because the dog ate it for the weirdest reason. The wedding was at the hometown of the girl, and of course Leo didnt go cause he rather died than not spending the night in his own room with his beloved pomeranian dog who needed him, which was another reason why he never had sex, oh! no, no, another dog was who ate the invitation, a big one his sister brought to the house.

The girl was kinda angry at him, but with time he got a good reason not to continue, they got divorced. I think they lasted like a year before breaking up, from the few words she said, he got tired of playing house and wanted to live like before.
About her little plan to find prosperity, it horribly failed because it was stupid, because in this country most people are forever poor for whatever reason, and because theres a huge informal economy where the dad can work and the judge cant take his money.
The first time Leo saw her again after the wedding was many months later at the house she used to live, Leo was walking around a mall kinda near her house, he was bored so decided to give it a chance and went to knock on her door unannounced. From a phone call with her weeks ago, he knew she was living there with her brother, who also came to the city for college, something like farm doc, I dont care. Leo got there and the brother opened the door, he went to ask his sister and then told Leo to go to her room, where she and her daughter were in bed watching a little, old and cheap TV, her kid got sick of something rare and the illness caught her too. Leo was worried that the red dots were going to jump into his skin, he even told her, but he went too far and wasnt coming back, he got near and touched her as usual, as a cute little friendship moment happened.
Days later she mentioned on the phone that they didnt have something to eat, it sounded like a joke yet Leo invited her to eat at his house. It was normal because she had done it many times and Leos family knew her well, but it became very difficult for them because she was depressed and her not speaking habit kicked in, it was very troublesome to daily deal with a person in that state when is not your family and she had made very bad decisions herself, especially for Leo and his low levels of patience. After nearly a week, she called to say that some aunt was in town and that she was going to eat with her, she also said thanks to him and his mother.
She managed to finish studying her career because her mother accepted to take care of her daughter in the rural town, and she slowly went back to her former life before getting married. Some time later Leo got her a job at his sisters office and she was happy. From the benefits of her mothers work, they were going to get a home of their own, she was also happy. Leo sometimes went to visit her at work, they talked and laughed, Leo copied some games into her computer and showed them to her, she didnt like games though, Leo also spoke about his other activities and she responded that he didnt got bored because he had many things to do, then she showed him on her cellphone a bunch of pictures of her boyfriend and herself naked.
Another day she went to eat at Leos house and tried to seduce him, Leo thought of finally do it yet hold because he later walked her to a nearby lab for some results, Leo wanted to do those things with her, but he didnt want to go to that lab for his own results, so he didnt follow, again.
Later there was a change of personnel at the office and she got fired, she was tired and thought it was ok, they properly paid her anyway.
Months later she called Leo, always at his home, as always his mother picked up, Leo hated cellphones and didnt have his own, she said hello and that she was working at a female underwear brand admin office, they talked and laughed for a while, they wanted to make plans to see each other one day but it never happened and they never saw or knew from each other again.



Boredom ch 06

Leo had to wait another semester off to enter a new college, so he went back to his prior life. He decided to study law at the new college from the religious group of his all life schools, he even went to talk to them and got a beca, they forgot to give him at graduation the little cheap medal for studying all schools with them, but now he only had to pay half, which was a privilege only he enjoyed, the others were on credit, though it would have been the same, is not like he was going to pay.
They already had that college working in a different location, it wasnt good so they decided to make a new building and get a new name, they used a presidential permit from another religious group because theirs had failed, but by then they finally got it and used their own name.
With everything new and not having enough students at that time, they did many things wrong and Leo used to complain a lot, yet he felt more comfortable then, it was the style of school that he had always knew, it was a good style, it felt warm and people were more kind, I guess he would recommend them if he didnt hate schools so much, except for the secundaria, there was a ton of bullying there and they didnt move a finger, they blamed the primaria for it, they were sort of right, but it was their school and their fault.
Leo did good at that place, very often he tried so hard to do something special, he usually asked the teachers for him to come forward and explain certain topics he thought were interesting, he did great but only the teachers cared, and half cared, everybody was bored out of their mind, it was interesting but only for him, they didnt really care, or seemed too difficult and bothersome so they didnt pay attention, they were there for a diploma and thats it.
He had nothing to do again, but this time he decided to lurk the library and actually read books, hes not the kind of person who reads books but he forced it out of boredom. One time a teacher asked the students to explain a crime scene, Leo took his childhood toys and presented a play from a book he read about a completely paranoid chain murderer who ended up doing a paranoid suicide, at the beginning they were laughing at him, later it got good and they paid attention, but the play was long and complicated so the audience lost their patience, even the teacher got annoyed and asked him to cut parts and finish already, Leo kind of did, with time the teacher started to like it and ordered the students to be quiet; Leo finished it and was happy because he could do it while everyone was laughing, hes the kind of person who doesnt feel bad and instead bites back if you openly mock him, so they didnt bully him or anything, besides the place wasnt like that at all.
When Leo studied there he was sort of perfectionist and it bothered the people around him because they didnt want to work that much, the students just wanted the paper that says you did college, the staff felt underpaid and didnt care, the only one working hard was little lonely Leo. One time he started to have a lot of questions in his mind about the people around him, so he decided to look for an answer in the books at the library, he searched in a lot of them but there was no answer, just the same square minded text that repeated itself again and again. He ended up piling a mountain of books, back to reality, he felt bad about the mess for the library employee, who was a student working there for a beca, just like Reo yet he didnt have to work, he told Leo to leave the books there, that he was glad someone was so serious for the library. Leo went back a few times and did the same, but he never found anything.
Leo still had his twisted crazy love feelings, from day and hour one he instinctively looked for a girl to fall in love with, and he found her, she was his classmate and she looked very similar to his former college friend, but she was taller and bigger, in his deluded mind he wasnt very convinced but decided to go for it since he didnt like anybody else. He wasnt so stupid then, he would never openly confess his insane love anymore, he just stuck with her whenever he could and hold those dark feelings inside, however it was kind of obvious that he was interested in her.
Leos classmates were a group that usually hanged around together all day long, Leo was there at the beginning but he felt extremely bored and annoyed, it was just awful for him, they talked about stupid things and did nothing, so Leo isolated himself, he tried to find friends elsewhere, he met other people but they never become friends for several reasons.
Leo used to talk to his classmate girl, it was difficult because they were very different, He used to openly talk to her about stuff, sometimes they complained about how the classroom group was, she agreed with Leos views of how they were, actually all girls thought of that in secret, but when in the group, the question of why Leo wasnt there emerged, she told them what she heard while hiding her own words, later that led to some fights with the other boys, but nothing serious, because they all didnt really care.
The classmate girl asked Leo a few times how could she be as smart as he was, sounded pretentious, he tried to teach her but that implied a whole change in her personality so it became impossible, she also had very bad selfesteem, like one time a fortune teller woman went to the school and told bad news to all the girls and they were depressed for days, just when Leo thought they couldnt be more stupid, to the classmate girl, she told her that she was never going to get married, Leo thought of telling her that she could marry him, but he got sick of it and left her alone, she wasnt listening anyway.
With time, he and the girl became more close, one day they spent all day together, she even invited Leo to her house. At some point the girl let him know that they were alone, Leo wanted to do those things but he was too excited trying to tell her about the things inside his heart, considering her an actual friend, so the moment was ruined, blabla, she never got close to him like that, eventually he never saw her again nor cared about it.
Leo went to that college a whole year, but at the second semester things were complicated, he started to feel bad and slowly worse, he sweated a lot, his head and chest hurt, his right leg twisted outside, he couldnt get up early so he failed the early morning classes, therefore he was going to lose the beca, he tried to talk to the career coordinator and the principal about making it up some other way, Leo proposed teaching activities after normal classes and made a work plan, he was going to do it for free in exchange of some tolerance about the absences, but nobody cared about that, the career coordinator failed him and Leo left that school; later he found out that the religious group people blamed the career coordinator for his leaving and they had some fights about it.
By the way, Leo hated doctors for two main reasons, one is that it was expensive and he didnt have any money, two is that he felt extremely uncomfortable with people touching his body. There was this time when he had enough and decided to visit a massage place near his house, he gathered the little money he had and went there.


Once before he thought of visiting all of them and then chose the better place, but now that he was actually doing it, he forgot about plans and just walked to the one he felt more comfortable about. Idiot, naive and innocent Leo decided to ask for a haircut, the girls nearly laughed at him and told that it was only with some girl in the morning, after a few moments he gathered courage and asked if there was anything else, the girl explain and Leo agreed with one of the prices, as he got a discount, the girl talking to him was short kinda good looking white skin brunette one, she asked another girl who was sitting behind hearing everything while doing her make up if she wanted to, she agreed with a smile. Leo told them that he was going home for the money and coming back, he just did it to have time for a second thought about what he was going to do, but his mind was completely blank and just went ahead, he took a quick shower which later he pervertedly regretted, chose some clothes to quickly get undressed and went back. The girl was waiting near the front door and led him inside a room, she was tall, blonde, white skin, large breast, good looking body, for a moment Leo thought that she looked alike the prepa girl, but he decided to quickly forget about that. So when the moment of truth arrived, Leo couldnt do it and kept asking questions with his little cute voice, the girl believed that he was ashamed of his own body and told him that she was used to it and that he shouldnt worry, she left him a moment alone to let him take his clothes off, Leo finally did it and fully undressed. When going back into the room, the girl saw him and was about to tell him that it wasnt really necessary, but stopped because she was surprised, she wasnt expecting Leo to have such an attractive body after his nervous behaviour, and then she started.
Leo felt good and weird touching her mouth, a voice inside him told him “oh, so this is how it feels like”, he was extremely nervous and had no idea of what to do, also her teeth hurt him and he just could say “ouuch”, she wasnt very skilled yet she continued. He felt it was odd to just stand there so he tried to touch her head but stopped because he thought it was too rough for her, then he fondled her breast and convinced her take off her blouse and bra, later he told her that he wanted everything, the girl smiled and offered him a good price, half from normal, he accepted and she fully undressed. Leo touched between her legs but she stopped him, then he told her what he had in mind but the girl said no because she didnt want to get hurt, it was nothing complicated, Leo wanted to just be on top of her, he also wanted to kiss her lips but she said no as well, at the end she offered him a couple of more comfortable for her positions, she made emphasis on her being on top so he agreed on that, aaaaand, it didnt happened.
Leo laid on the massage board but he was at his limit, his mind was completely blocked and he couldnt do anything, even when he really liked the girls body, he was nearly closing his eyes, covering his face with his hands and he told her to just do it, she said no because the condom could fall.
She tried for a long while, she lost sense of time until she realized it was too late and she had to leave before there were no buses home. She got off and was worried that Leo wasnt going to pay her, he complained because he didnt want to stop, but gave to the girl the money of the first price.
Leo blame it on the condom for being too small so it hurt, laughed and talked with a cute voice to make the girl feel better. He didnt want to wear the condom? oh Leo, youre so naive. The girl led him to the front door, he kissed her cheek goodnight and told her that he was going back some other day when he had the money. Leo really wanted to go back but he really didnt have the money, since the girl knew he lived near, he tried to see her every time he passed by, a couple of times he found her, they smiled and waved hello, Leo wanted to get close but something inside stopped him, besides he couldnt pay anymore, not even with the discounts, oh Leo youre so poor and useless. Eventually he saw that there were other girls at that place and never saw her again.



Boredom ch 07

Leo still had to explain her mother that he was going to leave that college, he couldnt just do it, so he investigated about a cheap one that had franchises like it served fast food. There was one of those very close to Leos house, and he loved the idea of getting there so easily, he visited the classrooms, they were small but he thought they were cozy and friendly; the building was a house but he thought it was going to give a warm feeling; the social class was going to be lower but he thought that they werent going to be so greedy as the others. Oh little Leo, you are not getting any smarter.
The price was much lower than the other schools, even with the becas it cut it in half, Leos aunt long ago warned him and his mother about expensive colleges but they didnt listen. The law career studies ended a year sooner than his prior college curse, even when he needed to start from the very beginning again. In theory it offered a lot of benefits, Leos father quickly agreed, his mother made a scene but in the end accepted too, and Leo signed in. What he didnt know is that the place was just awful, he learned more about his career because the teachers focused on the topics, but that was it, he hated the cheap students around him, the boring activities, the nothing happening of the place, he hated it so much, he wanted to go in the afternoon but the classes were only in morning, therefore he had to wake up early, he couldnt and got into problems again; he wanted to study and work into something interesting to do right there, but it was even worse than his previous college, he ended up in the lousy tiny library with its dumb girl in charge, he befriend her because he had nothing to do, but he didnt really like her. School life for him was horrible but the hours were much shorter, specially since he was late and then skipped classes in order to go home earlier to eat, which he used to do since the second college. so he was at home enjoying his normal life sooner.
Of course he failed once more because he couldnt get up early, but this time the female teacher said that she acknowledged Leos “wisdom” and that if the principal allowed it, she was going to pass him. They went and the lady principal gave Leo a lecture, he just smiled and said sorry, she passed him but warned him it was going to be the last time, and she was right, hehehe.
Of course Leo did whatever Leo did, so he deluded himself again into loving another girl, he chose one that Im not going to bother much with because the intensity of the delusion had clearly diminished, they talked and hanged around a little but that was it, she was really not interesting in any way, none of them were, and that includes our boring protagonist.
Leo met younger girls from the prepa that was also set at that house building, but nothing really happened. Leo thought that it was hell and decided to move to another franchise kinda near his home, this one had afternoon classes and seemed to have more people, Leo hoped the best and made what was necessary to move, suddenly he found out that the girl who he deluded with lately and her male friend were moving too, she was mad because she thought he was following her, but Leo had all the paperwork done and she didnt, so Leo joked her about being the opposite. They got closer at the new school as she opened up, but nothing special and thats the end of it.
At the new school things were better but not that much, he looked for girls as a healthy little boy he was, and gladly the love delusion syndrome was very weak. His classmates were awful, he got tired and signed out for a period, four months. The girl and his friend from before thought it was a good idea for whatever reason and did the same. Leos mother found out two months into the break, when Leo stopped asking her money for the tuition, she made a scene but meh, she saved the money for herself.
When coming back, his new classroom was a little better, he kinda befriended a woman who was a doctor, she liked her cause she was an adult and because she used to drive him back near his home. He also kinda befriend other girls but the place was no good for him, he missed classes all the time, he even went back to his second college that was near just to hang around. He didnt want to spend money on buses so he used to walk to school, it was doable and a mall was in the middle, but then he was always late.
Leos father found him a little job picking up credit card application papers, the boss was a female friend of her father, the plan was for him to go pick and deliver the work to do in the morning, while his father was going to do the actual job. The female boss decided to use a mall kinda near Leos house as an office, some applications where from people who worked at that mall, so Leo started doing those himself and earned a little money. Eventually Leos father stopped doing that job and Leo went there to do only the ones he could, he earned a very little money but he had something he could do and was fine. He hated going to school, so he usually found himself something to do and skipped it completely. Eventually the main office closed and the job ended, the female boss liked Leos father because she thought he was a nice person, and she got along with Leo, she even proposed to help him prostitute if they shared the money, Leo wanted to but obviously wasnt ready, so he didnt.
He lasted a couple of periods in school and wanted to leave. During that time, he taught himself about the career, he really wanted to just start working on something, make some money and leave school forever, and he accomplished it, somehow.
He started to talk to people as a lawyer, he got a couple of clients for something lousy and useless, but he did make a little money. Then one day he found out about a case of elder abuse at a so called retirement home, one of his male classmates he lately hanged around with had a brother who help an old person escape from those terrible conditions and got him a place in a real retirement home. They denounced what happened and the fake retirement home lost their registry, but they didnt went to jail for what they did. Leos so called friend tried to act as a lawyer but he obviously couldnt, then he asked Leo for help, at that time they were trying to push again and he joined. After Leo took the friend to the investigators and to the government office in charge of supervising the so called charities, the people of the fake retirement home called the friend to make an arrangement, and of course he went there alone, they offered him some money and he took it, but they taped him and denounced him back. Nothing happened to the friend and he kept the money while avoiding Leo, it was just a way to shut him up, but they were extremely stupid and included Leos name in the denounce, and Leo stroke back in his own peculiar way.
The first thing he did was to visit the old man at the retirement home, he brought him some juice and other stuff from his house, he convinced him to let him be his lawyer, the old mas was desperate and agreed, he needed money, he dreamed of going back to his previous life, he wasnt like that always, he used to have a house, a car, a business and money, he also got a much younger wife who obviously accepted for money. One day the brother of the wife planned to take everything from him, they started to drug him and such, he didnt have any family so it was easy to toss him with nothing on some street. Then for his worse luck, the people from the fake retirement home found him and made him their pet, so when they asked for money they have someone to fool people with. Lots of people noticed but nobody was able to do anything, after all the had all the government papers, until the brother of the friend could rescue him.
The second thing Leo did was get him, and himself, some money, the old man owned a couple of graves at the municipal graveyard, Leo got him an ID and they sold the graves, the old man paid Leo his share and both were happy.
This is the time when Leo ditched school forever, clapclapclap! and dedicated to his new activity. He wasnt going to wait for the police investigators to knock at his home asking for him, he studied a lot and denounced everything and everybody responsible for the fake retirement home. The government people had a bad position and Leo knew it, he took advantage and pushed forward very hard.


When he met someone at a gov office, he wasnt afraid and perfectly knew how to talk, he played little boy and even looked childish, if the people was nice he was too, if they were nasty he was as well, and much worse than them. He met higher people at the government and one woman noticed how he behaved, so they ordered everyone to smile, even when they hated him, and not to provoke him. The case lasted a few months but nothing really happened besides some minor benefits. Eventually, Leo realized that a thousand people should be doing what he was, not just him, it was then when Leo tried to think why did he bothered with all of that in the first place, he hated the nuns at the retirement home, he hated the fake one, he hated the government, but it had nothing to do with him. On the bright side he got some money and finally could abandon school.
I dont know why Leo thought it was a good idea to do a social job when he even used to say to himself that he hated people, maybe because it was something he knew how to do, he hated to see blood and doctors, he hated the hell of writing numbers, he probably felt there was nothing else to do.