Reo 03 ~Taken by the Demons~


“Thats right, the curse never existed.
It was just a strange environment that allowed people to perform in the name of the curse.
It was just an environment.
It doesnt mean anything unless there are demons who dance in that environment.”
The skyline stains in dark red as the rules of the world change.
The search inside a cage, drawing a circle that never ends.
For I have found, you.
What will it take for you to believe
that I would do anything for you?


Taken by the Demons 01


A lonely, tired and forever depressed boy finally found something after a long while of wasted years, he lived all of his boring life waiting for it to happen, a very bad attitude towards life, yet it did happen, of course he didnt find it in a store or a local library, not that he didnt searched there, he did, but it wasnt there.
He had looked in other places as well, the malls, the buses, the supermarket, burger joints, downtown, and of course it wasnt there, it wasnt anywhere near his town or state, not even his country or culture, what a horrible place for a young boy like that to live and grow up, though its not fair to ask a whole country for something that is not even there in the first place.
The dumb little boy remained looking and the stress kept building, he got desperate and started to do the weirdest things a normal boy would never do, he started to see things in a completely different configuration, while everybody else was looking for money, partners and status, he searched for the deep cloudy feelings that had no logic for a boy of his age.
And everything started to move, there was nothing else so he worked with what he had, a new logic was remembered, a new expression, voices, emotions and paths, a new world that was silently dreaming, “oh, it has been so long, sooo looong since I had done anything”, was said as he was always anxious, he wanted to be running outside, yet he was told while gently restraining that his place was inside his room, that the times had changed since ages ago, his body was alive but extremely weak and injured, the dumb little boy couldnt notice so it was remembered for him.
Leo was a deeply depressed boy, yet he had no idea where it came from. This wouldnt have bothered him so much if he wasnt in the need to move, he reached a point in his young life when he had to decide what to do, how, and the effects for the rest of his days.
He hated his family but with time he slowly created a more steady relationship with them, they were used to blame and demand each other for stuff, one day Leo realized it was stupid and stopped doing it, he decided to find good things in life by himself, a long span of repetition had ended in his lonely self.
Where Leo lived, it was very common for the sons or daughters to live with their parents or other relatives even as grown adults, the main reason was poverty, most people didnt have the money to go and live on their own, neither had a way to make the money, you could save some coins and eventually buy something nice, but that was it, for that kind of people.
Little Leo had a large room with a normal bathroom that only he could use, he had the whole second floor for himself, which included his room, another small one with the laundry machine, a big patio with ceramic tiles floor, and a narrow roof that covered the way between rooms. So even when he was living with his parents, Leo enjoyed a wonderful isolated place with enough privacy to walk around naked all day.
I have called him stupid so many times, yet most people around him would have loved to look like him and be smart as he was, but Leo never really took advantage of it, he was an easygoing happygolucky kid who just wanted to play around. Some dude once told him that if he had his presence, he would be happily surrounded by girls, Leo liked girls but for some reason he was alone.
Leo did not have selfesteem problems, yet he thought so little about himself when he was facing trouble or depression, he used to ask himself for things out of his personality and many times for things out of the normal rules of this world, he obviously couldnt and kept blaming himself for being so useless.
At the end, at the very end of the decision, he realized that rather than just deal with the situation, he needed power, he wanted it, he desired that power, like you can say most people do, but Leo was for some reason, maybe stupidly different, he did not want to use his charisma and turn into a politician, make lots of immoral money and be someone inside that privileged circle; he did not want to use his strength and turn into a leader in the drug dealing business or some other type of mafia that eventually drug deals as well, to have big guns and influence while surrounded by packs of bills; he didnt even want to use his family, lick his aunts husband and cousins feet in order to get a nice well paid normal job. Violently stealing peoples money in the middle of some street came from a so called necessity, but it didnt come from his heart, so he did not do it.
The power Leo wanted was the one within himself, he didnt even knew if it was really there and in case it was, its true shape. He could only sense that power, he was alone, he did not have a mirror, that power existed only inside his mind covered in darkness.
And one day, the boy discovered the configuration and then he could use it, his own power of an uncertain shape, the catalyst was “why stop when you can just do it?” while in the depths of a blind and tortuous situation, he may or may not could just forget and move on.
At the end is just another ant dealing with the fact that its only a small grain of sand in the vast and lonely beach; oh, look, here comes a riptide, like the jealousy of a father over a runaway mother, will he be able to do what he could not?



Taken by the Demons ch 02

Leo was a lucky little boy, he was trying to play whatever he could in the sidewalk outside his house, he was failing miserably when some neighbour and a male visitor were going out and into their car parked on the street, Leo noticed that the visitor had dropped his wallet but he never picked it up, they left in the car, leaving the wallet on the ground, so he playfully went to where it was and put it inside his pocket, the thought of knocking their door and giving it back crossed his mind, causing him to laugh loudly before going inside his house and into the little service room he used as his own.


It was lottery happy time, he had won and now it was time to see how much, then he meditated about what to do with his prize, if he had written a list, his million needs would have made that money evaporate, he thought of being realistic, and found an answer.
There was a massage place very near his home, his rented house was close to the corner of a main avenue that once had a lot of gigantic trees between the asphalt, the government eventually cut all of them down, but thats another story; if you take the turn, there was some doctors office and immediately another street, cross it to walk by an all day beer bar and quickly arrive to that wonderful place, ehm, not so much, for some reason it smell shockingly weird, like concentrated cheap perfume that didnt come from the girls, it was the owners choice for the place.
Anyway, Little Leo picked up a good day so his family wouldnt find out that their precious son was going to throw himself into dirty and forbidden lust just around the corner, while spending some stolen money that they could use for something else he did not care at all. He playfully walked to get there, with his tiny fortune in his pocket.
There was a couple of girls sitting down on some cheap plastic chairs, waiting for anyone to come, while giving a view of themselves across the front door to the cars passing by. The door had the shape of a tunnel and was adorned with plain balloons, mmm, maybe, I think the owner was trying too hard. Leo looked behind his back to see if nobody was watching him and got inside.
The girls said hello and asked him what he wanted, he playfully told them that he lived near and was very bored, so he decided to look around, then he found the place and went in. The girls told him that it was a place for grown ups, and that he should come back when he becomes a little older, Leo laughed and told them that he wanted to stay, the girls repeated the same in a begging tone, then Leo told them that he had money and he showed it to them, the girls asked where he got it, implying and later declaring that he might have stolen it from somewhere, probably his parents, Leo kept laughing and told them that it was his savings, that he never found anything good to buy and the money just kept piling up. Finally, the girls told Leo that it may be troublesome to have him there because of his age, but he just kept playfully talking.


The girls seemed to like Leos company, and his small money, one of the girls, a blonde wearing a short black dress, thought it was inappropriate to have him at the front door, so he took his hand and sat him besides her on a sofa near the chairs at the entrance they were using. Leo had said goodbye to the other girl and happily followed the blonde one.
Leo disliked the fake femininity that the girls wore in order to attract the clients, but he knew that their true self was somewhere inside, so he tried to take a look in order to find out if he really liked those girls, that was the reason he talked so much and not just tossed the bills like some idiot.
The girl didnt feel comfortable having Leo at her side, so he took both of his wrists and placed him in front of her, that way she could look him face to face, she could do it because he was just a boy, at least he acted like that.
The first thing the blonde girl told Leo was, while still holding his wrists, if he was serious about it, he said he was; she asked him if he knew what the girls work was, he said he did, and gently touched her knees; she questioned if he had done it before, Leo responded that he didnt remember and laughed, then the girl told him to be more quiet.
The blonde girl tried to take advantage of the situation and told Leo that if he wanted, he needed to give her all the money, but Leo said that if he did, he wouldnt be able to come back another day, and the girl smiled.
They agreed a proper price and the blonde girl took Leo to a private room upstairs, the place was a house turn into it, then they both started to undress and, well, something happened. It became very different than a normal client relation, on most of those, the girl just gave her body for the client to have pleasure, sometimes under certain rules defined by the place, the need for clients or the taste and will of the girl, but Leo acted some other way, he was looking for the girls feelings, forced them out her shell with every daring touch, every piercing sight and every forbidden word, he pushed her into confessing her true self and had lustfulforgetitall sexual contact with those emotions around them.


Taken by the Demons ch 03

With time and mutual lust, Leo had become a friend of some of the girls working at that massage place, Leo tagged along with the nice ones and sometimes teased the bitter ones until a friend told him to stop, which they didnt always do, they liked Leo making certain girls go mad.
At first, Leo only had sex with the blonde girl until she started to have second thoughts, and after talking to her friends working there, she decided not to turn it into a personal relationship and then shared Leos company among them.
Leo was fun to be with even when he wasnt giving them any money, thats the reason he didnt become a special client, a secret lover, a boyfriend or a husband, he became something else. Girls who work with their body to sexually pleasure other people, for some reason or another can end up getting pregnant, theyre doing the act of getting pregnant, they usually get in the middle of complicated and twisted relationships, or they can just fall in love with someone and let things happen. Leo became part of this special small circle he felt very comfortable in, the one that had the pretty girls in provocative dresses ready to do disgraceful acts in order to get money, giving him cookies and juice after asking him to wash his hands.
It wasnt always their own kids, sometimes it was a girl relative or friend with her kids spending time together while she waited for a client, the owner was nice enough to let them be there on the small beside the entrance sofas, he knew it meant a lot to the girls and made them feel stronger, having your little ones near was much better than relying on drugs or becoming abuse addicted to some stupid ugly dude.
Leo was part of this group, but for what he could see, even when the girls shared very intimate moments with their little ones, it never became what used to happen with Leo.
After many months of playing around, sometimes exciting others kinda boring, a lot of changes happened and Leo became distant from that place. A couple of his relatives died, he didnt really care about them, so he acted normal while there was nothing inside. Leos family then bought a house and moved there, so Leo wasnt that close to the massage place anymore, it was only one block away but it made a lot of difference.
A sunday morning, around nine am, most of the neighbours heard a brief shooting, some got afraid, some got curious, some were already used to it, some were at church inside the catholic priest seminary, some were sleeping Im sure.
It wasnt that bad, last time there was a shooting, the police for some reason was chasing a car of peon drug dealers, there was a large shooting session that include very noisy grenades, but this time it was only a few shots.
A sad feeling was awaiting Leo at some internet local news site, he found out that the shooting was at the back exit of the massage place, the one that had a small parking space, that a girl was coming in or out from a big car and some dude from another one had shot her dead and her bloody corpse sat at the drivers seat.
It became the gossip of the day for the neighbours, they all told stories about how she deserved it and that she had it coming, that the girls didnt think before working at that sort of places, although they never questioned the government for allowing those to make business, they never complained about them in spite of being a neighbourhood full of religious freaks with a huge two full blocks priest making center in the middle, they knew that it was probably sponsored by some dirty politician, so they wouldnt never really complain beside their little talks with their friends, it was much easier to blame some poor and maybe stupid girl for her own murder.
Leo was cold hearted about it, he didnt let a word or feeling came out of him and behaved perfectly normal, when he had time and thought that things had calmed down, he visited the place and had small talks with the girls he knew, some were affectionate, some kinda boring, it became difficult for him to go back and he just moved on with his life.


Leo still lived near and sometimes he passed by, then he came close to the little stone cross planted outside, it had metallic bars around to protect it but he could easily place his hands inside the small cage and gently touch the stone cross with his palm for a couple of long seconds, the ones when he remembered the girl being his intimate friend, then the later memory of her, losing herself in some lousy relations, becoming wealthy and arrogant, to finally end up horribly murdered. The couple of seconds passed, the contact stopped, his hand moved apart and he walked away towards his home, saying a very cold and brief goodbye to that blonde dead girl.



Taken by the Demons ch 04


Little Leo was laying on his bed inside his new big isolated room, he has been very uncomfortable lately, so much that he decided to stop doing everything, he had a lot of things going on in his life at that moment, many were moving forward, he was just doing them because it was obvious and were part of his life, but he wasnt happy and decided to stop until he could realize what was really going on.
He was very confused, so he thought of starting with something simple, then he remembered how he could fulfill his dream of being among those pretty girls, he always wanted to, he was annoyingly frustrated when he was an idiot outsider drooling for a chance, by then that was gone but there was a new feeling in his sight. He felt sad yet he never cried, the sadness never reached his nerves, it wouldnt make his mood swing, he just thought it was sad.
When the blonde girl died he felt sorry for her in several types of thoughts, but never enough to go find the murderer and avenge her, he didnt even know if they caught him, he never cared enough to ask his former friends, he didnt want to get himself involved into that paranoid, scared and resented environment, so he just left that place and never went back.
It not like Leo wouldnt defend his friends, he tried before the murder, the other girls as well, yet the blonde girl had become servant of her desires and decided to follow. She was usually nice to her friends, but she always was too bitter about money, which is sadly normal for her kind, a girl who normally looks at herself in the mirror and wonder if she was going to do that all of her life, you may not think about it at the beginning, but as time passes a lot of questions emerge, for how long am I going to be young? good looking? desirable? poor? single? am I going to live like this the rest of my life? am I going to become that old woman selling bubble gum to cars at the other corner of the block? will I get sick? pregnant? married? rich? or, killed?
One time the blonde girls personality changed because she found a special client who was very generous to her, she loved the money and possessions in many ways, but she didnt love him. She started to play a dangerous game which is sadly common in her profession, she wasnt just hired to do things, she became personally related to the clients because she was earning a lot of money and appreciation, nothing unnatural from that, except that her friends were telling her to be cautious because those people didnt seemed completely sane at all, yet she decided to blindly follow, she did not look at her friends and told them with a serious face that it was her choice, no, no and no, she played dumb and said to everyone that it was alright and that they were jealous or envy about her success, until one day she lost the game by getting herself shot many times outside the back exit of the massage place.
Leo had the blonde girl spinning inside his mind, but not because she was killed, maybe it was because he wasnt the one who murdered her, wouldnt? wouldnt it be nice if it was me the one? the one who murdered her?
The one who get to drink her blood, the one who is gonna be passionately remembered, the one who outlived her because of ones actions, the one who finished all those little things one hate and then forever possess her fate, the one who becomes the eternal powerful certainty that made her world end; wouldnt? wouldnt it be lovely? wouldnt it be lovely if that one was me? me me me me, ehehe ehehe ehehe.



Taken by the Demons ch 05

Leo knew that he needed money to move, but there was something more troublesome that he needed to take care right away. He was completely fed up with going to school, that useless prison that led nowhere was a trap for him not to move forward, it may have been appropriate for kids who needed a nanny and a shiny paper, but he didnt care about those nor had anything to do with it. He was a little secundaria kid who needed to break free as a so called true man.
The main problem was his mother, everyone else around him was easy to manipulate for one reason or another, it was his mother the one locking him there. Before doing anything, Leo investigated about escuelas abiertas (open schools, they give you what to study, some help if needed, you study on your own, pass the exams and get a shiny paper, was created for adults who didnt went to school, people who lived faraway from a school, or for someone like Leo, who just wanted to get over it), he went to public offices and those schools in order to gather material and show it to her mother, but when he did, her square and useless “what is people going to think about us?!” mind exploded in Leos twitching in rage face. He gave her a few minutes to think it over but she refused again, a third time and she ordered him to stop with his nonsense and weirdness.


Leo had a plan b, he said ok to his mother and kept quiet, had a nice dinner, played around a little and went to sleep kinda early. The next day, he got up late and left for school after leaving behind his mothers screams, arrived at the school, but instead of going into his classroom, he went pass the principal office, noticed that he was alone, came back and went in, said hello and punched him as hard as he could on his idiotic face, left him on the floor and quickly but discretely went to his classroom.


Eventually, he saw a few staff members including the principal looking at the classrooms, it seemed like the principal didnt knew who Leo was so they were looking around for him, he played completely cold when an angry teacher pointed at him and aggressively told him to go outside with them, without a fear he asked why and the teacher said that he knew why while all the other students and the teacher giving the class were scared and expectant, Leo told to the audience that he didnt know what he meant but that he was going anyway, calmly packed his stuff and left the classroom to face an angry small mob of religious people and secular teachers.
They had doubts about where to take Leo, they wanted to get away from the rest of the students but they didnt want to gang him in a closed room, so they decided to just walk to the middle of the basketball courts where the whole school could see them yet not so easily hear them. They were worried that Leo might have had a weapon, so they surrounded his sides in a worthless effort to make him nervous which never happened, on the contrary, Leos iced attitude made them feel very uneasy, they have never encountered someone like him before. The other teachers besides the principal did knew or at least have heard about Leo, that he was very smart and had no problem getting good grades all his school life.
Leo may have been under the constant attack of a so called powerful group of adult people, but he perfectly knew his playground, he knew they didnt want things to escalate with bad publicity or a possible dreadful vengeance against the school; he knew that while they were very greedy, the religious group was or had to be at least a tiny more tolerant to certain stuff; it was just a punch from some teenage kid, he didnt really injured the principal nor had intentions to, besides his true one, Leo just wanted to bully the principal a little to show him what the weakest students had to live through in a daily basis, even some weak teachers got bullied there too; Leo had no intention to stay nor collect grades, in fact, the punch was just a warning to the adults.
The first thing a teacher asked was why he did that, they were hoping for a logical answer and for an apology so he would just get suspended and then everybody could move on with their lives, yet Leo had a different idea and calmly said that he didnt knew what they were talking about, which made the school staff inpatient and with time angry. Leo defended himself but obviously no one supported him, he coldly said that it wasnt him, that he was late but went directly to the classroom. At first, Leo worked around the idea that nobody else saw the punch, and it worked for a while until the teachers changed their declarations and started to tell that they did saw it and was him, which did not scare Leo, he told them that it was their word against his, and a bizarre stalemate of a bunch of adults against some teenage kid happened.
Leo finally asked what did they want, that he was starting to feel very uncomfortable in that school and that he may have to actually leave. The teachers understood his words and changed the tone of their voice, they stopped talking about what happened and began to speak about what to do next in a much more normal voice, it seemed that they realized what Leo wanted and it relieved their fears. It wasnt going to be that simple but they were moving forward, one of the main teachers said to the others that he would like to take care of the situation, to call Leos parents to try finding a solution, Leo agreed and the rest after him.
Leo went to the teachers tiny special office, he tried to talk to the troublesome student but he politely rejected, Leo coldly said to him that he was very disturbed by their behaviour so he did not wish to speak, but that he was looking forward a solution.
Eventually Leos stressed out of her mind mother came to school, one can only think what kind of radiation in the womb made them look so different, she was extremely nervous, weak, scared, apologetic, couldnt pronounce the correct words when she needed to speak; she was one step from going to the principal office and rub his face with lotion, sing him a happy song and become his free maid and chef for a week.
The teacher managed the situation properly, he said that it wasnt really much of a problem, that maybe Leo needed, even if he was right and innocent, some time off to relax and forget about what happened. They all agreed to save Leos grades until he was able to came back or decided to move to another school, in exchange Leo wouldnt give them any trouble.
At home, Leos mother was very tired and still freaked out, she tried to lecture Leo many times but was like screaming to a huge mobile rock that was supposed to be her son, so eventually she stopped, thats the time when Leo approached with a solution to all their problems, he showed her again the material about the escuelas abiertas, he told her that he could do it faster than the normal school, that it was going to be incredibly cheaper than before, that they didnt have to worry about anything.
Some time later, the rest of the family heard about the problem and the solution, everyone agreed except Leos sister who tried to make a scene, but Leos mother was too tired and the rest didnt care because it was solved, so she was left alone with her pride and personal anger.


Taken by the Demons ch 06

Little Leo was supposed to be studying for an easygoing school, but he had much more important things to do and just used it to say he was doing something. He did went and signed in, but he never cared to come back.
Leo was too young to be considered an adult, he always hated how everybody treated him like some foolish kid, so he decided to take advantage of it, if he was an adult, he would be considered very scary and the people would quickly run away, or at least be wary of him, but while being a so called kid, he could get closer certain things wearing a twisted innocent and cute mask.
There were plenty of things he felt like doing, but most of them were superficial and shallow, it was going to be problematic to work on those things to finally find nothing. Leo then had two main goals, he needed money in order to move, and he wanted to find his true self, there was no point dating people he didnt care about and have sex he didnt desire to, it made no sense to get a job and have money if he was going to lose his precious time and become a slave of that stupid job, it was worthless being kind to other people who wouldnt even listen to him, it was no use to live with a family he did not considered his own. He had a lot of power within his veins and he wanted to use it, as a consequence he would naturally squeeze everything around him as he grows bigger and careless.
Leo started to do small things to get some little money or food, stealing whatever he could when the opportunity arrived, from people in buses or walking around, neighbourhood stores (tienda de la esquina o tiendita, houses turn into tiny convenience stores, very common where Leo lived), and even going into houses. Leo never beat nor killed anyone because he believed that they werent worth it, he was going to keep his blood drinking to someone his heart felt attached to.
Leos life had improved a lot from the times he was some useless idiotic school boy, he had placed boundaries against his boring, dumb and annoying so called mother, and he wanted to put his so called family in its proper place, he wanted to do it quickly but he realized that those were the people near him when he woke up everyday, so it was going to take time to be done.


There were four, no, five targets within his family, the first one of his quest was his overlydramatic and utterly bitter so called sister, it was the weirdest and most bothersome relation to him, so he wanted that to stop existing. In theory youre supposed to care for each other as brother and sister, but that just couldnt happen at all, she was always jealous and angry towards Leo, she hated him for some reason, only to show some obviously fake caring emotion every now and then, most of them in front of her mother. She never wanted him at her side, she hated the burden placed as her brother, how he took the time away from her and, and it happened since Leo could remember.
In the middle of a wasteland, there was a small dirty street filled with cheap apartment buildings, each building had like four or five floors, each floor had two apartments, in one of those at the first floor, Leos family lived a long time ago. Each apartment had two small rooms, one in front of the other, one of those rooms had two single beds, one for Leo and one for his sister. Above Leos bed, there was a wooden table attached to the wall where he had some toys he played all day with, on the front of his bed there was a furniture that had his clothes inside, besides his bed was his sisters bed with her doing whatever she did, the rest of the room had her stuff. Leo cant remember much about her in spite of being at her side for so long, its like she was another furniture or the wall, a very annoying one.


Leo had three clear memories about that time, the first was waking up in the middle of the night because some screams announced the end of the world, when he opened his eyes, he found out that it was his sister on the other bed scared and jumping because she saw some dirty insect crawling on her bed. She was calling her dad to take care of the situation, but he was too lazy and rarely came to her calls, then the insect hid behind something and the girl ended up sleeping in the bed of her parents. When Leo asked what was going on, they said something he didnt really understand, so he thought a terrible monster was inside their room, he went there, closed the door and slept on the floor at the parents room. By the third time he heard the screams, he got tired of it all, grabbed a shoe, killed the insect, washed his hands and went back to sleep on his bed.
The second memory is an awkward one, The parents left the home for hours and Leos sister was watching a rented movie at the parents room, she was watching something and kept rewinding it, eventually she called Leo to see it too, some soft scene about some ugly people Leo wasted his time seeing, but his sister was excited, she later called Leo and told him it was time to take a bath, since Leo was a little idiot who believed everything, he agreed, so there was the couple in a tiny bathtub, she was telling him what to do in order to somehow recreate the scene of the movie, it was a seduction one so nothing really happened. Leo was bored out of his mind so he ended up saying “is that all?”, his sister got worried, told him yes and continued, he was soooo bored, but it was not because nothing more happened, it was because he didnt feel attracted to her mind nor her body, he wasnt even curious for some reason. Hey Leo, I thought you were a big perv, you shamefully wetted your bed while so young, and now you feel nothing? hehehe.
The third memory was about some xmas gifts, it was the night before, sleeping, Leo got a toy truck and was playing with it on his bed, he kept hearing some noises for a long time until he decided to pay attention, it was his sister bragging about her doll, saying that Leos toy was weird and stupid, she got carried away and ended up insulting him many times with a loud voice, until Leo got tired, he got off his bed, stood in front of her and the doll she was holding on her arms, took a quick look, coldly beheaded the doll and tossed the head at her face. She tried to fight him then but he just pushed his big sister away and she started to cry and scream, that was the time when the lousy parents finally decided to go inside the room, they heard all the insults so at the end they blamed it on her, later consoled her tears by saying that they were going to change the doll for anther one the next day.
For Leo it became very traumatic, he could have ripped his sisters head off and perhaps feel nothing, but he felt extremely guilty about what the doll represented, it was supposed to be her lovely baby that ate, talked, drooled and whatever, she happily wished for it since months ago, and the mere night it became reality, Leo had torn it apart, so he felt awful about destroying those innocent and brightful feelings in the middle of a wasteland that was his home, he even went to the store to witness the doll exchange, he kept asking questions about everything being ok, to the hurt and prideful ears of his sister. The trauma went on for a few years until he realized that it was wrong, that it was just a doll and that her sister was a horrible person in his eyes.
Along the years and different rented places, Leos sister tried to fight and beat him, at first he just blocked the beatings, but then he got tired and easily defended himself, she was supposed to be bigger and stronger but that wasnt happening, Leo could quickly hit and control her, she was so slow in comparison to him that it became a little show, Leo tried to amuse himself with little tricks that made the fights somehow exciting, like one time he noticed she had her eyes half closed when she ran towards him in order to beat him, he got a big laugh by just placing his punching arm in front of him and watched her hit herself against it like some bird smashing itself against a clear window, Leo laughed a lot but later felt bad about his rolling in pain on the ground sister, he got close to her, with a kind voice explained what happened and advised her to pay more attention. Other times she tried to punch or kick him, but he grabbed her hands or legs, did a half spin and tossed her away.
Leo not always fought her, many times she screamed at his stupid quarter of brain father, once she provoked him until he took a belt and started to beat her, she made a big drama and Leo thought he was killing her, so he jumped and grabbed the mans neck, he was disgusted at the fathers sweat and smell so he quickly got off, he managed to stop him beating her but he was the next target, he beat him up a couple of times, to Leo it didnt even hurt nor move but he noticed how his so called sister was not defending him like he did for her, the monkey got tired and left. His sister never spoke to him, she never thank him nor anything, he got tired and when it happened again he let it be, soon his sister stopped provoking her father that way for some reason.
Her hate against her brother and Leos natural coldness never mended their relation, she truly hated him just because he existed, to the point of declaring with a proud voice to everyone in the room that she wished him to be dead at the times Leo got sick.
Normally, it would be traumatic for someone to have a sister that hates you so much, but for Leo it was different, he just didnt like her, he didnt hate her because he did not have a single true feeling for her, he didnt answered her aggressions with more hate because there was nothing inside him, Leo could barely remember that he was supposed to have a sister, he only did when she was being bothersome.


Taken by the Demons ch 07

Leo wanted to just finish them all, but it was stupid to do it at once, so he went for them one by one, who? the vermin that called themselves his family, who else? thats what he said.
The main part of that game was a positional play, he needed to put factors to his convenience, the secondary part was the mere actions to break them down, they didnt care about Leo that much, so he needed to slowly bend then forcefully torn their minds and lives, it seemed like a good idea for Leo, they deserved it after so many years of deception and misery, they thought that they could hold him within their grasp, but now was time for them to meet the real Leo, the one nobody ever cared to know, although he didnt plan on killing them because he believed they were no worth of it.


Leo ended the isolation from his mother, she was the center of the family and he needed to control her, there was another main piece to take care of too, but at its proper time. Leo didnt like it, yet he could easily get along with his so called mother when there was no problems around, for some reason he was the favorite of the two, maybe because he was easygoing, handsome and funny, on the other side, his sister was annoyingly asking for attention all the time, she had no such grace and she couldnt get along with adults like Leo did.
It was disgusting for Leo to get close to that woman, but it was part of a bigger plan so he continued the act. She was very happy about him, while his sister represented a painful expense, he didnt even asked for bus money anymore, the school was free and he told her that he was helping cleaning the library and stuff, so they gave him bus coupons and a little pay, the imaginary job later changed to assistant professor, one that would help other students with their doubts and study problems. He looked great and confident, he talked to other people outside the family like he was an adult, his parents were saving money that they could use for themselves, Leo looked successful and nobody was going to jinx happiness by asking questions.
The only one who was not glad was Leos sister, full of jealousy and hate, she was so dumb that she ended up digging her own grave. While Leo was acting nice, intelligent and helpful, she was a screaming and crying headache, everytime she made a scene to complain about something, there was Leo supporting his parents, after many times, he ended up defending them while having their full support. Leo also convinced them that his sister was wasting too much money, she had low selfesteem issues so she developed bad finance habits that led her to a temporary higher social status, Leo took advantage of that, he investigated what kind of free schools she could attend and the expenses she should be making, compared them to the ones of her paid school, then presented the information to the parents. He put himself as an example and made them notice that with such money they could cover some of their neverending debts, they felt excited about it and later firmly told Leos sister about the changes, she lost it and made a huge scene, which only served to portrait her as the bad kid of the family.
She had just gotten a part time job, but there was no way to cover all the expenses, so she had to give up in desperation, even her dead grandfather used to say that she should not go to college, that all the money they could gather must be directed for Leos education, that he was the male and the hope of the family; oh, the delicious irony.
Leo never stopped the attacks against his so called sister through the parents, stealthy and carefully, he took every opportunity to make her life a living hell, to the point that they were even laughing and mocking her suicidal screams.
Time happened and eventually she made more mistakes, she transformed her depression into unwanted pregnancy, the parents even suggested abortion but kind hearted Leo told them that it was wrong, that the right answer was to push the father and his family into marriage. Leo supported his so called dad and both visited the fathers house, they didnt know and it caught them by surprise. With Leos social skills, they managed to make them look at the marriage as a positive thing, on the other side, Leos sister wanted to get out and convinced her boyfriend to get married. They did and rented an apartment for themselves, her parents wanted to visit once but she threw them out and screamed that she never ever was going to see them again, ever, and that they never ever were going to meet her son, never. At home, Leo comforted them and they tried to forget about her, at least for a while.
Leo was glad as he was finally getting rid of that dirty trash, he felt wonderful for ruining her life, but there was a slight, huge chance of reconciliation after the baby was born, so he was going to advance his plans before it could happen.



Taken by the Demons ch 08


Leo was enjoying a somehow sweet spot, but he hated it, he needed to move further and rip the chains of the reality set upon him. The next target was that filthy stenchful thing that dared to call himself a father, not that he did it much but his mere presence was enough to make Leo puke in disgrace. His mistakes were like tall grass after a heavy rainy season, it was going to be so easy.
There was a lot of fights between mwommy and dwaddy that came from all the bad financial decisions they made in the past, plus their forever useless personality. Since now he was choked in debt and couldnt put enough money on the table, mwommy always ended up screaming at him for being so worthless, not that she wasnt, the fights often escalated and mwommy used to tell dwaddy to basically fuck off, of course in spanish.
In the past, everytime mwommy became insistent in her hate towards dwaddy, Leo ordered her to cool down until eventually she did and they went back to normal life, but this time Leo didnt wish for that, Leo wanted him gone too and started to support her mother into looking for a separation. An inevitable next fight happened and mwommy threw dwaddy out, so he decided to go live with his widow sister and her family at a rural ugly town near the polluted lake.
There was a reconciliation point just like with Leos sister, Leo could have pushed forward a formal divorce but it would have been way too much, and its not like shes gonna get married ever again, so he decided to leave it there and rejected the forgiveness by moving ahead with his plans.
Who was left at that house was Leo, his mwother, the mother of his mwother, and some spoiled yet neglected little pets. The financial core of the family was Leos so called aunt, she was the one supporting her mother and sister by sending money every month, also whatever she could buy them in the northern country where everything was much better, Leo was a spare wheel of those benefits, he enjoyed those as a little tree that was downhill from a forest after a light rain, in other words, he needed to access a strong source of money in order to get rid of those women and their scraps, but before, a little adventure to get away from all this boredom.
Leos town was very peculiar as it had many cultures, most of them worthless for him, if not all, but interesting at some point. Generally speaking, people were extremely attached to their money, their life quality plummeted because they rarely cared to do something interesting as it costed money, so they remained bitter and repeated their boring lives again and again, their main problem was that they didnt know what to do with their money, and when they actually did something it was just a waste. Another one was church culture, there were a lot of people who were part of a religion and strongly believed in it, they obviously didnt follow all the rules, just the convenient ones, but thats another story; catholic was the biggest, but there were others very big themselves. There was also an large gay culture, mostly about man, when it started it was shocking because the city was considered a catholic capital, but the town had many people migrating since many years ago, there were plenty of gay people from there and other towns, and they were not going anywhere, they eventually organized and made parades and such, to the terrified eye of the catholic ones who believed all the dirt belonged inside a dark closet. There was also a big prostitution culture, word around said that it was organized by spanish people, mostly of women but also men in some places, it left mountains of money so it went on no matter if other people complained about it. Lately there was a loud events culture, where the government and its partners were making good money by allowing loud places and events on inappropriate locations, tearing up the life of the residents who lived in there. The government also had its crime groups and obviously were involved in drug business, in fact, whatever that would bring them money, its a very long list Im not going to mention, but all in the end to decrease the quality of life of the normal people who basically never did a thing to fight it.
Everything that was modern had come from the northern country, what was old slowly was being left behind, becoming obsolete, everybody admired certain aspects about the superior quality of life in the north, talking and wishing it was like that over there, gringos do this, gringos have it, gringos can do that; many felt uncomfortable about some of their customs, but it was worst feeling frustrated about the dead land where only corruption could grow.
Little Leo decided to hate everything equally and just move on with his horrible life. Oh, the adventure, next chapter, lets keep the boredom on this one.



Taken by the Demons ch 09


Little Leo had planned to have some fun, he saved his small money until he thought he had enough, because it would be great to have some funfunhappytimes to enjoy by himself. He didnt want to look like an idiot asking around, so he searched on the internet about it, there wasnt much because nobody was uploading the info, kinda obvious for its sort and for the illiterate city where he lived. He ended up gathering some data from articles that ironically denounced what he wanted to do.
He selected a good day, not too sunny, not rainy, not too cold. He made plans for his journey, it was ok if he didnt accomplish his goal on the first visit, the starting day was more about knowing the place, he thought in paranoia that it would be inappropriate to ask questions and then leave it for the next day, that if he got in deep enough, he had to go all the way.
Leo grabbed everything that he could possibly need and felt comfortable to carry in his pockets or backpack, waited for the exact hour, not too soon, not too late, and left his home with a weird smile. He walked to the bus stop and briefly waited until the one he wanted passed by to take him downtown, there was some girls there that would have normally called his attention, but that day was special, that day those girls were old bags of bones with one foot already inside their ugly moldy graves.
After nearly an hour, he got down the dirty bus one block away from the avenue that was said divided the city in two, the rich from the poor, even when downtown was all poor, trashy and lousy itself, and worst after a government plan failed and a lot of houses were demolished in vain, yet you could notice a small difference before and after that avenue, like a curse floating over your head. In front of the sidewalk where Leo got down, there was a park that had a cheap old lady prostitution fame, but it wasnt just in that park, also beneath some bridges or near some stairs, old and poor ladies still wanting a chance, Leo would normally try to taste them just because he could, but for that day those women belonged to a museum and not the cold streets.
There were also younger girls, most of them outside the door of cheap hotels that served as prostitution centers. Others were dancing or serving drinks inside dirty noisy bars. There was also small sex shops, porno movie theaters, internet let say coffees, and at the top floor of a well known historic market, they sold products that didnt paid taxes to get inside the country, stolen, or bad made copies of whatever, including pornography, and if you knew how to ask, of all types they could gather, not that they had that much.
it maaay sound sort of exciting, but it really wasnt, at least for Leo, he liked a big place with diversity of choice, but he hated the poor people culture that made the place miserable, for example, lets say that in that culture, you are so greedy that you dont let people use the bathroom unless they spend enough money in your store and even then you count the grams of paper and soap, while at the third second you close the water; and that it if you were actually nice and let them use it, they would destroy it just because they find that fun. Besides, it was rare that someone really good looking worked downtown.
Leo read that what he wanted was a few blocks away from the historic market, on the same avenue that divided the city, he walked over there looking for lousy hotels or some people begging in the street, but he couldnt find any. He played calmed and went near some middleage man selling copied movies in plastic envelopes, his wife and a couple of kids were there keeping him company, and they were laughing among themselves about something. When Leo got close, the man said hello and tried to show the envelopes to him, who said that he didnt like those movies and asked if he got anything else, the man did an I-understood expression and showed Leo some porno movie envelops that he kinda had hidden, he tried to explain those but Leo joked about him having them at home because of the internet, then he kept joking with the man for a little time, he was laughing and his wife smiling while watching from behind as she was sitting down on the ground, finally Leo told him that he had read in the paper about the people hanging around there, the man didnt understand at first but then realized and said that it was too early, Leo responded that the paper said that they were there at all hours, but the man said that it wasnt true, only on certain days they did that because there wasnt enough customers, the man ended up saying what Leo had thought before, that there wasnt just one place and that if he wanted something it was best to look around.
Leo said thanks and goodbye to the smiling man and wife while their kids where still playing, as he walked away he decided to ask around not in the open street but inside places, the ones that didnt charge a cover because he hated the idea of paying for nothing.
In the first place, some filthy rooms, he asked about but they didnt have what he wanted; second place, some nasty bar with loud music that went into the street and a bunch of idiot dudes as bodyguards, Leo asked about the bar and joked around a little, yet they only had what they had; in the third place, a tiny sex shop with deficient products, the owner and some friend were talking on the sidewalk, Leo went near and asked about what he wanted using a local language as usual, just to look as one of them, but they were shocked and said a clear no with a nervous voice.
Leo was emotionally tired and his searches were going bad, he thought that he needed to find a more private place or gain someones trust in order to get what he wanted, it was uncomfortable because everytime he asked, he was exposing himself. Eventually he found a couple of young girls standing in the middle of some stairs, Leo didnt feel like joking this time so he just went to them and asked if they knew the way around the place, they answered that sort of and Leo said what he wanted in a nice and confident voice, the girls felt odd but Leo kept his confidence and said that he wasnt going to do anything bad. The girls looked at each other and exchanged looks and half words, then said to Leo that it would be better if he spent the money and time with them, that it would be much better, that they would let him do certain things; Leo laughed, with a smile said that he liked the idea but he wanted that do that other thing just one time, and then promised he would be coming back for them another day.
The girls talked to each other and said to Leo that they had some relatives at the hotel that could help him with what he wanted, Leo agreed and they all went there, on the way, Leo kept praising the girls while they blushed and giggled.
Inside the crammed hotel, the girls introduced Leo to their aunt, she looked at him, wearing nice clothes and his young, good and confident looks, then smiled asking what could she do for him. The girls explained little Leos twisted wishes as they gently beat his head and back with the palm of their hands, their aunt didnt expect it and kept quiet thinking for a minute, then said that it was ok, that she just needed to get things ready. She went away and told Leo to wait there, the girls were supposed to go back working but they wanted to see what was going to happen, they waited there too as they kept talking to Leo, they asked him if he had done that before and he said no, they questioned if he had relatives into that, he said he had none, and the girls talked about what could be the reason he wanted what he did.
After ten minutes, the aunt called them to one small cheap room, she had gathered 3 of what Leo wanted and told him to choose, Leo wasnt sure, he looked at it for a while and finally decided before the aunt could grow impatient, he wanted a white one but there wasnt much to choose from, so he had to settle with the one he liked the most. The aunt told him the price and instructions, Leo thought that it was going to be too high, but it was reasonable and accepted, he paid half up front, waved goodbye to the girls and said that he was coming back another day to hire them, and the aunt left him alone with his purchase.



Taken by the Demons ch 10

Standing strong and intimidating, Leo made a circular movement with his tongue licking his own lips, then did it again in expectation of the delightful desires he was about to fulfill. Nothing has even happened yet but Leo had already imbued terror and despair with his cold firm hands as he holds and reviews the shape of his purchase.
It was finally the glorious time, the happiness long forgotten returns as the power flowing through his veins was molding reality. Why caring about the wars, hunger and death, when you can just take the world and make it your own?
To make it worse, Leo was not saying a word, he kept his feelings as a mystery and let the fears transpire through the skin. Leo was ready to use his purchase, squeezing all of its value and then throw it away, for a start, he decided to feel comfortable, he tossed to the floor everything that got in the middle of enjoying the use of his purchase, then he, mmm, he started to talk.


Im still not sure, why did you, choose this one?
Im pretty sure something is wrong with your, calculations.
This thing is so fragile, so easy to snap, can you feel it?
Like a bunch of straws, crack, then the scream
So much pain, unable to understand
And guess what? you do it again, and again
Oh, wait, I got too much excited and forgot, about your mistake
You are such a shame, your promise is broken by this stench
The outline so soft, the controls, the play, yet
The smell like everybody else, disgusting
Not even here, in the depths of your abyss
I can escape.
Im growing impatient, you did saw that, right?
The reason it goes so weak, even more
Theres another stench, coming from the mouth
Am I supposed to get excited once it reaches the other side?
Forbidden one, just an illusion, can you make it happen?
She did her own with a sleight of hand and a candy
I dont think she minds, this is not even her own, Im sure
A burden given to us as a sacrifice
And you, pitiful, what are you going to do about it?
Stupid weak lamb, I curse you and your lacks!
Youre not even worth to stand at my side!
Make your own trick and save your worthless life
Come on and do it before I splat your insides!
Youll see, hehe, I care much more than anybody else
Do you like the people you live with, eh?
Opps, hahahaha, did it hurt? One more time
Hey, I dont think this one will feel anymore, tonight
Just tonight, so stop right now
But there is someone else, Im not paying full for this
Entertainment, so dull, boring, the stench, ahggg!
This doesnt have what it takes, for me to be entertained
Wait, wait, dont do that
Dont stretch your luck too far
How about sneaking out?
With a goodbye present for these rats
Theres got to be more people around
But maybe they don’t know
That fat one is keeping all for her own
So now, now you get to shine
Can you, please, entertain me for a while?
Im so bored, everything is grey
I wonder if theres a color anywhere
or just, like this, forever
I felt ridiculous today
Make it up for me, and you know what?
Hit her one more time, right, there
We paid for that, didnt we?



Taken by the Demons ch 11


Uh, umm, what is that?
I cant believe, morning already
Not that I felt too good at night, so, tired, hurt
I dont want it to be morning already
Head, belly, back, twisted leg, and then
The whole chemical configuration
By now it changes on its own, just like the morning comes
Though it shouldnt be that way, its probably my fault
But Im too tired to deal with it, especially now
With such hard decisions to be made, and the poison around
I was thinking of floating, forget about time
Its only a problem, when you remember it actually is
Anyway, wouldnt it be, fun?
I want to join the games, lets see where he can get
Whats the reason to hold? why not just, do it at once
Is there really a reason to go back? for a normal life?
Thats not, even mine, Im so sick at the sight
I have become addicted to this flavor
To end it all and turn to one
Flesh fried in a wrapping made with blood and tears
Spiced own feelings of hatred
Either theirs or mine, and I have lost enough
Crush their hearts between different walls of fears
Connect the lines and then closer
To cruelly trap them, the sacrifice
Laugh at them, stare, how difficult they were
Convulsing pitiful animal about to die
To make food from, to survive another day
Atrocious desperate acts
But I am, desperate
Poison in this demonic heart flooding inside
I must finish what has been started
Since so long ago, keep moving to please the poison
Then find a cure before too late
Youre a demon inside a boy
I will teach you to control, then burst
The need and desire to fight, destroy the angels
Spirits and gods that fly above
Infuriated in such casual hate
While seeing a so called perfect world
A world existing without, in spite of,
That didnt care enough to even mock or acknowledge
But I do, hehehe
I do! I do!
Your whole existence is a big selfcondolence
Oh poor sorrowful me
Moaning the ashes settled long ago
But the fire, will burn again
This, this, I have found it!
The very meaning of life, I shall burn once again
Reality wont be fooled, I will come to reclaim whats mine
Yet, hey little demon, are you coming after me as well?
Hahahaha! wouldnt it be funny?!
You sound like, fun, and Im eager for a good fight
Thats why I do, I acknowledge you
Im the only one who can
Live my own life and burn
Magician of the needled heart
Lets see how many idiots fall into your trap
Fools to hug the illusion of a warm goodlooking heart
Feed them the reality they so much want!
Needles piercing them as they die
They must die, no other way
I cant exist otherwise
Hey, hahahaha!
Dont tell me those needles come from me
Im not worthless like you are
Hehehehe, hahahaha
Havent I told you? for you, to have an opinion
Not today, after you do, lets talk
Why? youre too big to sneak around
My heart, we should play, some other time
Do you remember? when I was happy
Did it, even happened?
No, no, this, this is what wont happen
For the grey to be turned down
Is meaningless.



Taken by the Demons ch 12


Leo needed to build a huge wall of illusion around him in order to hide his horrible intentions towards those people, the next step was getting the money to move, the little demon wasnt powerful enough to do it on his own nor to live without a role in the human society, the role placed painful restrains upon him, but he was determined to win the game, to become his true self, whatever it was.
The little demon was afraid that if he went looking for money inside the forest, he would get lost and unable to find his way back, normally he wouldnt care but he had a higher purpose than wandering around the human world.
He made a couple of plans, the first to become a strong human, the second to be able to survive in the meantime. About the first, he decided to drink the juice extracted from his remaining so called relatives, there were only three inside a triangle, the top was hold to the ground by the couple on the bottom.
Leos so called mother and grandmother were easily manipulated by him, for his grandmother, he decided to keep her floating, when too depress or angry he used to comfort her, when she could find some trail of happiness he made her lost it with some domestic problem, with the proper time she became dependent of him without noticing his intentions, because she thought it was a normal relation. His so called mother was similar but less dumb yet volatile, she was more difficult to manage but he had easier reach to her already deceived heart. He decided to make her sick and more dependent of him.
Since the very beginning he knew that he wasnt going to be able to just get rid of them, and he didnt want to waste himself killing those lowlifes, therefore he had to make their own deaths happen sooner.
His so called mother had a bunch of health problems that normally you would just get along with, but with a little demon at her side, she became depressed and the problems turned into illness.
It was a difficult move for the demon to do, if he didnt push enough nothing was going to happen, if he pushed too hard she was going to call the relatives he already had thrown away. The mother and the grandmother had lots of fights, the grandmother tried to be manipulative with everyone around her, but she was just rude bossing people, then getting angry and playing the victim, soon nobody cared about her little scenes. At home it was complicated because she wanted things to be her way yet she wasnt doing any work, she wanted her daughters to do it all. She was often a burden on her poor daughter, while the rich one put distance and money in between, which caused her sister to feel angry at her for leaving her alone with the problem.
Leo stopped smiling, Leo stopped joking and laughing, Leo started to talk about new problems with a serious face, stuff like troubles at his (imaginary) school, the doubts about his (false) future, the (pretended) frustration and jealousy because he deserved better; little things that slowly got inside his so called mothers heart, that was filled with broken hopes for a higher social status and nearly forgotten memories of a wealthy youth.
The demon knew that the mother couldnt do anything herself, that all the waves of rage were going to end up beating her own heart, making her weak and uncarefully aggressive, walking towards her self destruction, and it happened, she lost control of her weight problem, she twisted her leg by trying to fix things around the house without any precaution, she often got digestive problems, she hurt her back and could barely move while suffering intense pain for weeks, recovered and fell back again. The only one who could be there taking care of her was a little demon in disguise of her son, he was the only one who could bother into hearing her cries about her fears of dying, maybe because it was a delightful melody to his wicked ears.
Leo kept his aunt from coming there by saying that it wasnt that much of an illness and that he was going to take care of her, she was happy because she didnt have to interrupt her life in order to make the trip, but when her sister fell again with her back illness, she thought it was too much, decided to take a plane and arrived there.
The plan of the little demon went forward to the last piece, his rich aunt, she was going to be his source of money, a human to preserve while drinking its juicy fluids. Leo had made some moves that luckily went well, he had told a bunch of lies that his so called aunt and grandmother believed, he told them that he had talked to his sister and that he was about to convince her to go back home for some days to take care of their mother, the purpose of telling that lie was because he didnt want his aunt to arrive at the house and make it her own, Leo wanted to keep his control, when his so called sister got married and left the family, she got into a huge fight with her aunt, now both of them couldnt sleep in the same house, Leo begged his aunt to give his sister a chance and arrive to a hotel instead, he could convince her and she did. Leo also planned a collective lie for her mother, he made sure everyone else not to mention his sister in order not to disturb her, his aunt didnt like to go along with that lie, but decided to do after she heard the cries of her ill sister, she ended up lying about the trip by saying she was coming with her husband, that they had a big fight and, while she wanted to be near him, she didnt want him at the house not even to say hello.
The little demon had control over two pieces of the triangle, it was time to take the last one. Leo walked his aunt to her nearby hotel at late evening; where Leo lived there was an exposition center a few blocks away, so they built lots of hotels of different classes around it. The one his aunt was staying was a high class one, but it was very old and deficient, certainly not worth the money they were charging, and there were much better and newer hotels, she wanted to be at the new big one, but her husband had preference prices at the old one, in other cities it was good, but in Leos city it was not, by the way, remember the becoming a doll story? it was right outside just across the street. Vile acts next chapter.



Taken by the Demons ch 13

A demon cannot exist without his demonic luck, otherwise would just be some lousy idiot trying to look important, and Leo could barely hold his laughter, he went to welcome his so called aunt at the hotel, he waited for some time on a sofa while trying not to fall asleep, she arrived later in a taxi, when he saw her he got up, said hello and gave her a forced annoying hug while wearing a fake smile. After checking in, Leo made some casual conversation as the bellboy led them to the room, at some point the aunt asked about her sister, Leo made a itsalongstory expression and told her that he was going to explain later.
She had a membership because of her husband, so she was a special client and got a better room, first they gave her one at the middle of the top floor, it had a somehow nice view but the air conditioner wasnt working and the next room tv and loud voices were clearly heard, she asked for a new room and the bellboy called the desk, but it took them ages to authorize it, finally they said yes and then he went downstairs for the new card keys and later led them to the new room. It was one floor up from the middle of the building, there were normal rooms and a special door at a corner that opened the way for the membership ones, like eight of them, it seemed there was only a couple of customers there, both at the first rooms, and a lazy maid hearing some loud local music while doing her job in another. The new room was at the end of the hallway, at the right was still a cart with used plates waiting to be washed and the half opened door for a lonely room, at the left the new room which wasnt properly prepared but at least appeared clean while the air conditioner and tv remote barely worked.
For Leo it was way too perfect, the room was bigger, at the corner of the building, at a membership only hallway, with many empty rooms around it and lazy employees who rarely moved a finger.
It was in the afternoon and Leo asked her what she wanted to do, she said going to the house and see everyone, then order something to eat. In the way home Leo made a little drama about the situation, the illness of his mother, the domestic problems and his own, he tried not to sound too annoying, he used a tired voice that didnt seem to find an exit.
At the house everything went sort of normal, Leo wanted to eat pizza so they ordered pizza, they hanged around the sick womans bed who was happy and didnt cried that much about her pains, yet her sister felt bad about her and she tried to make doctors appointments, but there was a problem, she couldnt move, she horribly suffered just to go to the bathroom, Leo used to tell her to do it on a towel but she didnt want to.
Leos mother had already asked her friends what medicine to take, they asked other friends who were doctors, she got medicine treatments injected, blabla, she got better for a couple of weeks but she then her back hurt again, she wanted to take the same medicines but her sister wanted a doctor to personally see her, so she called a friend who had a doctor friend working at a charity clinic near Leos home in front of a temple, he did the favor of going visit her at home, checked her out, gave instructions and prescribed the same type of medicines, Leo went to get those at the nearby drug store along with some local made vanilla sodas, and the brother of a friend of hers injected the medicines everyday like the last time.
Leos aunt wished for xrays and everything, but it was complicated and she was happy with the doctors explanations, along with some recommendations that were not going to be followed, so she relaxed and just hoped for the best. Normally the aunt would have stayed at her sister bed day and night, but Leo told a little lie that evening, he said that his sister called and that she wanted to visit her mother and bring her kid, the aunt didnt want to leave even after Leos begging, but her mother also agreed with Leo and asked her for a chance, that it would be wonderful if they could reconciliate now, and that Leo could bring her back from the hotel by then. With both pushing, the aunt decided to get along, she went to her sisters bed and told her another lie, that she was going to check on her husband and then come back, so she said goodbye and Leo took her to the hotel room.
It was time for a demon to arise, the time of no return, of changing the world and molding it at the demons will. Leo kept his tired voice while his aunt tried to console him about things going better, Leos aunt said at the entrance that he could left her there, but he said that it was ok for him to walk her all the way, they reached the hallway, they reached the room, they saw the cart with the dirty plates still outside the front and half opened door of the empty room across theirs, Leo got inside by telling her that he wanted to call home to find out if his sister had arrived, he played with the phone as she took off her shoes and went to the bathroom.
Leos aunt had a nice and fun sister relationship with his mother, but she looked very different, her skin was whiter, she was slim, she had lived at a borderline city for many years so she had a lot of culture from that northern country, she had a lot of money and stuff in comparison to Leos family, and something curious, the demon viewed her as a redhead when she was brunette, and a little taller when they all were short.


The aunt was looking for something inside one of her bags on top of the bed, she asked Leo if everything was alright, he casually got close, said a long yes and stood behind her, then firmly grabbed her arms and kissed her neck with his opened mouth, his aunt froze in shock, she couldnt believe what was happening, only to give her nephew another moment to continue sucking her neck, strongly rub his hands on her belly and passionately grab her breast. After some endless moments, Leos aunt finally could take a deep breath and tried to react, she couldnt speak and barely moved, she had to take another deep breath and then she could react, she tried to take his hands off her and screamed about what he was doing, the demon took her right wrist and twisted her arm at her back, with a scary serious voice, he told her not to scream and she begged him not to injure her. The demon turned her around, tossed her to the bed and got on top of her, she was crying and resisting, searching for an answer inside the madness, the demon stopped for a second, looked at her eyes still defiant, took a good grab of her hair with his left hand, and with the right viciously punched her stomach, she nearly fainted and stopped resisting so much.


A long night of a forced intimate relation happened, at first the demon was cruel and painfully violent, as the time and tears passed, she became physically and emotionally exhausted, she had no strength to fight anymore and the demon changed, Leo started to become gently and affectionate, he still was passionate but now he acted like he was admiring her, he told her a thousand times that he loved her, that he wanted her to become his mother and his wife, then he kissed her breast for the longest moment and completed his forbidden act.
Near morning, it was the time to actually talk to her, she was furious but Leo did not move back, she called him all kinds of names and threatened him in countless ways but the demon did not move back, he still caressed her skin and told her that he loved her, that he wanted to marry her, that he always loved her since she was the one helping his poor broken family, he started to explain that he was desperate because of his ill mother, that there was only someone who could help them, and that he fell inlove with that one.
Leos actions began to had a more proper shape inside his aunts mind, it was shocking, mad, sick, twisted, wrong and whatever she could think of, but certainly it wasnt disgusting, it wasnt at all.


Taken by the Demons ch 14


At the end of many discussions, coping with the insane reality, Leos aunt told him that she just wanted to forget everything that had happened and live like that night didnt exist. By then Leo started to behave like he was his secret lover or something, even when she never really accepted him, he made an Imbored expression and told her that it was ok, if she wished for that.
Leo put his clothes back on, decided about the lie to say for not coming back home that night, something about his aunt and her husband having a big fight and she told him to stay because she was going back to the house, but they ended up fighting all night and Leo eventually fell asleep in the front empty room, that yes, in the morning was still opened and with the cart of dirty dishes outside the door, yey! free hotel room. Leo then waved a fancy goodbye while looking at her eyes and left.


It was the time for the cake to bake on its own, Leo couldnt be around his aunt day and night trying to convince her not to go against him, he could only do what he did and wait for a favorable result.
Later that morning she arrived at the house on a taxi, she went along with the lie about Leo staying at the hotel and behaved normally. There were a lot of hate feelings in her sight everytime she saw Leo directly, a couple of harsh words when nobody else was listening, a bunch of kicks under the table and stomping with her platform shoes as they walked around.
For the rest of the week she took a cab back to the hotel room, even after knowing that Leos sister didnt come to visit, she suspected it was a lie and asked Leo, who kept a serious face and told her that it was true but at the end she must have regretted or something.
The time for the end of the trip arrived, her sister was already feeling better and the intense pains had stopped a couple of days ago, she checked out the hotel by herself and brought her baggage to the house, after an early comida she said and hugged them goodbye, including Leo with only a palm on his arms while saying a soft and serious “behave well”. The taxi arrived and she left for the airport.
The demon wanted to take full control of her, but he always knew it was going to be extremely difficult with the amount of time of the trip and the long distance between them, he could do it in his city where she was away from her family, but it was nearly impossible to go there and perform on a foreign unknown territory where he had no means of movement, especially no money. Anyway, things had gone well for the little demon and it was time to keep working towards his ambitious goal, same time that was running against him in a very painful way, but he decided to keep calm and hold all the hurt inside himself, patiently waiting for the moment to truly arise from the forgotten ashes he had become so long ago.


Taken by the Demons ch 15

Leo saved the scarce money he had for buying something precious to him, it took the longest while but it was worth for him, some boys buy beer, others buy women, some weirdos buy computer parts with a happy drooling face only they can understand, but a little demon bought certain materials to redecorate his closet.


Leo used his bathroom as a small kitchen to prepare dinner and breakfast, and the demon turned the closet into a stove to cook his forbidden sinful meals. The closet wasnt too big so it wasnt that expensive to properly prepare, he removed what was unnecessary, reinforced everything, placed the different types of bases for restrains and such, and very important, he isolated sound as much as he could, fixed the doors, installed a tiny light, got some cooking tools ready and, that was it, the demon was about to create his own hell for some poor souls to live the rest of their days trapped in. He thought of drilling and placing water in and out pipes as the shower was behind, but he decided was better to do certain things manually, or maybe he was just lazy, I dont know.
The demon only needed food now, it was part of his plans, to be able to survive in the meantime, the looong meantime until that golden day of remembrance could finally be lived and rejoiced.
When he walked across the screen, he was like a child staring at her feet, and when he saw the play, and he heard her voice vibrate, he had to find, touch her, it had to be that way… going insane, it had to be that way.
Leo had good relations with his neighbours, most of them were old ladies who happened to like his illusion side, it was useful to get some very little money and snacks, information and a good portrait of himself to his relatives, who were glad that they liked him so much.
In one of the talks at a neighbours house, he met another neighbour who had a problem, his kids laptop was broken and had no idea what it was, Leo told him to bring it for a check, he told his daughter to go get it while his son was playing with their small dog, she came back and handed it to Leo who smiled in return.
The laptop screen was obviously broken and Leo told the bad news knowing that the father was going to be mad at his kids for most likely dropping it, or maybe worse, they were playing around and smashed it, only their obviously guilty eyes truly knew what they did. Leo tried to make it easier to the girl by talking to her about cheaper or best options of what to do then, he also talked to her about videogames and other stuff she could do with a computer, she laughed but was very worried about her father being angry, and he was, he behaved sort of calmed among the adults, but his eyes were raging because of the expense and to the fact that his kids lied to him about what had happened.
For the demon, the small talks and smiles were a precious opportunity, for some reason he liked whiter people but she was nice enough, while talking, he secretly noticed the inside of her school shirt, to quickly turn his sight into her eyes, a somehow stealthy seductive look, hidden inside an extra good and natural Leo who was loved by all the old ladies around him.
The next couple of days Leo took one of the dogs from his house and gave it a walk while keeping an eye on the girls house, he noticed their schedule, the dads car, the mother inside the house, the brother and sister playing outside the garage and sometimes on the sidewalk while their dog ran around; he mixed it with his own house timings and figured out the best moment to act. There was a problem, some of the old ladies, if not all, loved to watch the street through their window and see the people passing by, especially the ones next door to Leos house, his so called mother and grandmother, and even him usually went to sit at their living room and talked while eating snacks, and right there was a big window where they saw it all, so he couldnt be seen with the girl walking towards his house. From the friendly neighbours side, her house was first and Leos last, at the other corner things werent easy either because the drug dealer that lived there had installed security cameras, luckily a couple of trees blocked the way to the entrance of Leos house, and the blur was going to be so bad anyway.
There was also another couple of, that, which had caught the demons attention, one lived on the next street, in front of the priest making center, every evening was on a bike along some little brothers, going from corner to corner of her house sidewalk. The third was working at a near small supermarket, putting the purchased goods into plastic bags for a tip.
What makes you believe that I, want this? … at least I made you stop, staring at the tv.



Taken by the Demons ch 16


Theres a sad whispering song that you can hear from the depths of hell, sobbing, begging, quietly screaming, wanting to get out, trying to remember how the light looked liked, the faces, voices and touch of their beloved ones, their own heart turned into a cruel piece of ice that slowly grows and covers it all.
Outside, you can see the money inside the pants pocket, the one that lured with a faked kindness and beautiful smile, also the small change they gave that day, still there inside the working overall; or perhaps you can see the monitor screen, the one promised that could be had, but it is his own monitor, not something to give up, surely it was the sense of adventure and attraction for him, so young and naive, or maybe just bored with the time, is life boring as you grow up? then you can see the black shoe used to kick and knock the bike off, certainly the worst of lucks, nobody to help, not even the cameras were worth something, nobody called and nobody came, sure went to hell, but yet, to feel sorry for you, cruel shape of the world so desperately want to keep holding on.
Inside a reinforced closet with isolation materials, in a room that had only air outside its walls, in the curse of many days a demon created a hell, scary and brutal, without fresh air to breathe nor water to drink, the demon slowly chewed his victims in many ways to produce the most delightful of the nectars, it may have looked sinful for the humans who dont really look at the world they live in, the mere food they casually eat every day is full of the same stories, yet they choose what to believe and what to ignore, and one can only wonder how much time is going to take for those girls trapped in hell to be forgotten.
Its a sad, sad song, to be enjoyed along the strings and pulses, dont you love it little souls? its so beautiful, dont you feel like doing an everlasting dance giving shape to the world? expressing your beloved tiny hearts?
But mine, mine is still alive.
It should have been, so differently.
Can you see? can you finally see?!
For you, to exist, you were meant to be
The sight of such a long time
How much I live just to ask you why
One must live and one must die.
As then, she said
“Oh, wow, Ive never hit anybody in my life”
Is that, right? I have rewound so many times
Its the fault, of my eyes?
Did it happen that way?
I could still swear it was just a reaction
But the cause of the reaction
It should have been, differently
How much I live just to ask you why
One must live and one must die.
Not to worry about the bodies, most of them were buried already.
It wasnt that deep but it will surely last at least a couple of rainy seasons.
So funny, that, how can I call it? priest making center, that big thing in front of her house, at one corner theres that cross inside a cage, from that woman with painted hair, inside a cage, then another corner and theres the park, a few blocks large, with a couple of dirty dogs living under some plants, fed by a demon, just some small parts properly prepared, they happily moved their tails as the kind human gave them something to finally eat, isnt that funny? hehehe, well, is not like theyre going to live again.
But it was only little pieces, the bigger pieces he cooked, at the other corner, you turn left and walk half a block, theres a street to the right and then a large building, like half a block in size, it has caught my attention, so Ive, Ive investigated about it, and that place was founded long ago by some rich spanish dude, from then to now it have served as a catholic classes center, it has an auditorium, classrooms, bedrooms with bathrooms, an inside and an outside lets call it garden with short and tall trees, sounds great but its actually an old building falling apart, they do the classes and host events but theres not enough people to fill it, it always looks empty, Ive seen it so many days. There are also the office rooms, some others for priests and such, and the poor vigilant family room at the roof, and, well, the demon learned the way around and buried most there, so, romantic, the walls at the back street are very short so he could easily get in, he studied the terrain, rooms, hiding places, hallways, patios, people and their movements, everything, it was, special for him, he is a demon, of course he is gonna do those weird things.


You see, what happened, they were not ready
Thats why the cooking was necessary
Was nothing but a theater with only one real actor
Cheap, ridiculous, insulting
Three times the same play that didnt feel the same
Of so long ago, when there was light in the world
Why would you think bad of me, again?
Stern look from the tv
Your frown, it doesnt change
But it was the whole reason anyway
It was just a reaction that one time
I couldnt, I couldnt, I dont know
I dont remember anymore
Yet you, looking at me that way
After so long, please
How much I live just to ask you why
One must live and one must die.


Taken by the Demons ch 17


There was a huge commotion in Leos neighbourhood after a couple of girls were kidnapped and they never saw them again, the first one was from his own block across the street, after the parents started to frenetically ask the neighbours if they had seen her or something, most of them remained outside forming small groups, talking about what could have happened and praying for the girl to be safe. The first impression, and the one they all hoped for, was that the kidnappers were going to ask for money, soon the parents to receive that dreadful call, and luckily they would put her on the phone so she could say that shes ok. Some of the neighbours got desperate and and while crying at the emotion of the moment, told to the parents that they would lend them a little money, the police instructed them to be cautious about payments, but the neighbours kept insisting that as long as they bring her back unharmed, the money meant nothing, and of course it was just the talk of the wave, later with a cold mind would not be the same at all. The neighbours started to chat about the outside people who visited the block, since most of the residents were old ladies who did not have a clue of a way around, they had the habit of buying from people selling stuff door to door, they made a long list and tried to say who they could trust and who they didnt really know. Eventually talks about suspecting unknown people emerged, like that one old person who kept looking into the houses, that strange car that sometimes passed at high speed even when the street was full of holes, that new ice pop cart with loud music that could have lured her inside, the drug dealers in different points of the neighbourhood, the prostitution places around, the women on the near avenue who made their kids beg for money while they sat on the ground eating snacks, maybe one of her parents were involved in some funny business and they took her away.
But as the days passed and the ransom call never happened, they all feared for the worst, while they kept a positive attitude in front of the parents, behind their backs there were long talks that ended up saying that it was better if she was already dead by then, conversations about stories of girls turned into slaves, drugged and pleasing a multitude of men, about some sick man forcing her to become his wife, about her being sold and leaving the country, maybe her parents sold her, how well do we know them?
They put her photo on altars, they constantly prayed in many forms for her wellbeing, everyone dedicated their thoughts to that poor little girl, but nothing of that was going to bring her back against the will of the demon, not to diminish their beliefs but, it just didnt happen.


And what about Leo? what does it have to do with him? well, he was first in line at the neighbours small mob, he later became first commander of the pitiful neighbourhood defense force along with his next door neighbour friend, who he used to get close to the main line, he was there all along, from the prayers to supporting the parents, he became their friend and they saw him as a caring and smart young person who could ask for information to all kinds of people and helped them dealing matters with the police.
A few of the neighbours got scared and reinforced the security of their houses, nothing fancy, just some bars and such, Leos next door friend made a plan to place cameras all around the block, but nobody was going to spend money on that, some didnt have much, others rather kept it, if he could he would have paid it all by himself but his wife didnt give him any money, cause he had dilapidated so much during their marriage.
Then, when people was calming down, it happened again, a second girl got kidnapped on the next street, in front of the priest making center where she lived, one of her little brothers saw a strange construction worker taking her bike away, but nobody saw the girl, and the same story repeated.
Eventually everybody believed it was some band of robachicos (roba=steal, chicos=littles) that for some reason the police could never catch, probably they were paid to allow it, as it happens all the time in that country, and, that was it.
In the nearby supermarket, they told a certain girl a bunch of boring security rules she didnt follow because it got in the middle of the work, she was there to make some money after all, her family? nah, who cares? theyre poor, nobody likes poor people.


Taken by the Demons ch 18

I dont like it when youre using whats mine, for stuff I dont care about.
Wanna go for something new? not the same and lose power over her?
Are you actually looking at her? so fascinated with your image, shes not listening that much, in fact, you should do the same thing all the time.
Its all about lies that give her a purpose, then such environment gets created anyway.
So funny, when she says she tries so hard, closing her eyes very tight, cause its so difficult, to actually see an image of him while praying on knees, crying.
Arent you doing, the same thing? hehehe, you do try, way too hard.
Well, if you dont like it, you can go back and just fix her tv, god has not given you a task to perform, I really, really dont care about any of this at all.
Not my problem if her god cant provide, but also none if you fail to put something on the plate.
Food is only a chance, for me to keep thinking about.
I only live to ask her why.



She said she loved me, but I dont
I dont love her, my heart is somewhere else
But Im not being a thief or even cruel
I provided so much she needed to have
I realized as I thought what to sermon about
So much power, now I know why those buildings are so large
And the treasures they guard, the massive wealth to move around
It felt familiar, the situation, this, air
Then I developed a form for her to become dependent on me
The story about becoming a priest
I noticed that she gave those people money
Spent on hosting small events and weird objects
When she barely buys anything at all
Her house was stuck in time, so with nostalgia to perform
“How romantic it looks to be there and do their stuff”
“What do you need to be on?”
“Im hanging around the place while looking at them”
I dont even know why she cared
Even them left her alone, as so many before
It was a secret but I have money, everyone here would go along
So weak minded, all those people, who left her alone
With me she became another person
I should have cared who it was, in the past
But Im done and wont be back
Neither does she, with a poison sting
Killed without a pain
Oh, wooooow, I have killed again.
They didnt keep an eye on it, so I took it
Books to study, then a future childrens library
Church, math and english classes
Spanish songs and dances
Foreign culture and worship of a god
So very happy with my shows
A proud heritage for her, feeling ill
I drove the way towards her end
Even when I hate the cigarette smell
Becoming less as she was filled, with her own death
Then there was cinnamon spray
Oh, my, I forgot!
The chocolate for the milk
She will not be pleased
Not that she cares about that much
She just shuts, and endures
Whatever life were to throw
And I, so useless behind
Both waiting for a reason to be alive
After so, so long
How much to live just to keep saying why
One must live and one must die
A demon does not make people afraid because of the terror inside him, its because of his immense power to shape the world as his own. Leo had a very comfortable life by then, the old woman died and the priest pretending times were over, the daughters never knew how he was involved in her death, they cried and hugged him looking for relief, they hated the doctors for not doing enough, but they never thought about themselves.
A couple of the daughters, the poorer ones, made several attempts to take some of their mothers money, the day a loan investment was set to pay, they staged a fake kidnapping of one of their daughters; a grand daughter got pregnant of some dirty young dude and they needed to buy her things because the idiot was so nice and good that he needed to help his own poor grandmother; their car always broke down because someone was stealing the parts and if it wasnt fixed, they couldnt go visit their lonely mother; it wasnt fair that the other sisters had a decent life, one of them was married with another man in her youth, see this blurry copy of a marriage certificate? this is the proof of her sins, and the last daughter doesnt need any money, she has plenty of friends and daughters married with rich guys, and they all give her money after her husband suddenly died of a heart attack, were the poor ones suffering because life is so difficult and our families doesnt understand nor support us, were the ones who by god need help, you should give us money.
On the contrary, the other couple of daughters were greedy and treated the poorer as if they were superior, while demanding her mother to not waste her money on anything. Her house required to be fixed but they said it was not necessary, her mother wanted to buy stuff sometimes but they warned her about a tragic future full of diseases and accidents, a future where if she couldnt pay, they werent going to help her at all.
But the will of the demon was superior to the one of those pitiful humans, the old woman was already under his spell, she wouldnt move a finger without secretly consulting the wise boy enlighten by god, her family situation was painful for her but the demon soothed and strengthened her emotions, kept her company in those lonely endless days, he turned into an improved resurrection of the son she had and died some years ago due to liver failure after many years of heavily drinking, the demon made her see the truth behind their cheating actions while keeping his own lies alive, little Leo gave her the direction and what was necessary to let go of this world, and she finally did. As a gesture of courtesy, the demon went to visit and gave her a warm trusting in god goodbye, she had served the demon well and he gave her a final blessing a couple of hours before she was pronounced dead.
Leo heard in the neverending neighbourhood gossip that the daughters were having a nasty fight over the missing money that Leo had inside his closet, they blamed each other and the bank for stealing it, and the demon felt bored because the lack of a fight.
The demon was a young boy with money at his hand, the control of a big half empty house with a small steady income, and a bunch of twisted dreams that he shaped into reality, this could have been the perfect time to become a normal human boy again and enjoy what life had to give, but that was not inside the demons heart, one barely moved by time.


Taken by the Demons ch 19


Im too sad to go on
Havent I told you before?
None of this can bring me any joy
Youd think some of these things, along the way
A thousand years old, a million steps ahead
Dont you know how, sad, this actually is?
Everything you say and do
Dont you know?
Dont you want to know?
How I even laugh, at how worthless the view is
Doesnt mean anything, so, so small
A dream, a passing thought like the wind
Leaving nothing behind
Yet too weak to take anything with it
Cold colors, just a game of elements
Variables with a prize at stake
They keep saying is so valuable
The very meaning of their lives
But my heart is overflowing anyway
I pay no attention to
They think theyre so special
How, interesting, the life theyre living is
So young and stupid, so old and obsolete
Countless drops in a pool of the same
With their pitiful problems and situations
Caused by their own circle of belief
One they will never leave
All of these, means nothing to me
As I see them again and again
For your eyes are slaves
Of a play of grey and pretend
How, how long?
Am I, to you, a bad mother?
To carry you in my own vice
When, what?! I know that
Yet I consider it the same
Have you seen, how sad this all is?
Dont expect me to be around
The show continues as I walk
I shall not anymore
But before I leave you, tell me
Ive been wandering of late
How can she transform the world so much?
The colors change, the colors
Can you believe? how beautiful her smile is
I cant see her eyes, but I, I
The colors, oh, so warm
I can see her smile
The sensation of her skin
As I get close to her arm
Her reddish hair, the smell
Now you understand, right?
The colors and the sense
How any you bring or comes
Means anything at all
Its a whole different world and rules
The girl that liked you, she was pale
That sport you played, it was dull
That game you had, it was boring
Tasteless food, Bitter drinks
And better yet, life absent me
Such a pleasure to see
How can you be with without me?


If I were to meet you in the spring
As the cycle repeats and in your mind it begins
I would let you get away
With everything you say
Why so attached? to such a weird past
For the real game is not over here
With a heart, overflowing, each and every way
Im such a tired man, not much to say
My heart just fills with water
But for you, Im so much happier, this way.

Since he decided to follow, the little demon had to figure out how to make everything happen, he felt that what he had done so far was much more easier than what he needed to do next, he thought for many days and the only answer he could find was to collect more money, he had enough for moving but it wouldnt last much, especially considering how tiny his coins were in the real world outside the wasteland. The demon made several plans to make money, it was difficult yet he was confident he could succeed, the problem was that he didnt want to get too involved with anything, he had waited for too long already and was desperate to leave, if he couldnt he was going to murder another one and feed, but even that was consuming his time, he knew he couldnt wait for long because it could be too late by then, if it was, not even eating all of those in the city would serve him, it meant his end and his failure.
The closest large income he had was the house he was living in, its not like he was going to need it anyway, but first he needed to get rid of the two woman living there and then convince his aunt to give him her part.
The demon was full of hate and frustration, and that made his demonic luck be sweet and seductive. Suddenly he got the news about his aunt coming to the house the next day, normally she would announce it a few weeks before but the rush had a reason, she got into a big fight with his husband, a real one, things werent that good and went worse because he was a rich business man traveling around the country, very normal for his status to be as adulterous as he possibly could, it was also very normal that eventually his wife finds out, and then the decision, to make an agreement and let it happen in a way or to fight for whatever she could get. It was a very complicated and difficult place to be standing for her, they had a lot of money and the most important things were her property, but she never got involved in the business, she was just a housewife and it was obvious that her son and daughter at the very end could betray her to keep their place inside the business and the inheritance. If she just could, she would have made the agreement and move on with her life, but that wasnt easy either, there was so much at stake that it was going to be a long fight. Falling into desperation, she decided to go visit her happy place with her mother and her sister, and his troublesome nephew he had to deal with somehow.
After arriving, saying hello and eating, she told them about the problems back at her home, they could only listen and tried to make some small talk, there was nothing they could really do about it, if things went for the worse she was going to live with them at the spare room of the house.
Leo was excited about the news but he could only listen as well, it was something happening faraway and it had nothing to do with him, besides, he couldnt push too much because of what he did last time, at the lack of options he decided to just shut up.
Truly a sight to be hold, he wasnt the good old little family boy, he wasnt the friendly useful neighbour guy, he wasnt the blood drinking monster nor illusion creating demon, but he also wasnt like that certain someone who decided to step aside, while sleeping he could not attain the high state of grace, so he just became, himself.
So there it was, a handsome, fun, strong, completely carefree and seductive young man, now with some money, walking around shirtless around the house and blaming the hot weather about it, making fun of everything he didnt like while standing behind his jokes, buying a bunch of food and desserts, eating it like a little pig but letting the others eat too, he had money to buy more anyway.
For his aunt it was relieving, she had a huge headache about how to relate with needy forceful inlove coinless old Leo, it was no secret inside the house about how he got that money, but using the proper words everyone thought it was ok. Leo didnt have to go get his aunt, she naturally got close to him, his way of living gave her hope about a future, she always worried about her social status but then she could go easier because of Leos qualities, he could stand in front of people and look impressive, if he had a big fortune it would have been the greatest heaven, with his little money it was a refreshing oasis.
Despite of the possible divorce problems, the house was very joyful and loud, they were having a lot of fun, Leo really wasnt, and had not treated the people living with him that well lately, but now they were enjoying themselves. The demon didnt talk much about the situation back at her home, because it would have been a bad move at this point, to do something faraway from the gameboard, he only said that she could come live there and forget about those horrible people.
Eventually, his aunt grew a little fear inside her heart, it was about the natural development of a person, Leo was like a honeypot, he surely had his desires, it was just a matter of time before some girl or girls find him and take him away, that horrible emotion about those girls antagonizing you and your own children moving away, theres a tiny secret idea inside the mind that says “oh, what if I become the wife? hihihi”. Normally it gets shut down or kept secret because of social rules, also being old and undesirable, but with Leos powerful and careless mind besides her, and his prior so called love brutal confession, she got inspired to follow and supporting her own emotions.
After three weeks and countless screaming and fighting large distance phone calls, she went back to the northern borderline town where her family lived.


Taken by the Demons ch 20

I wish I could still talk to you
It would be such a fun conversation
But I do what I do and theres no higher point from that
Yet it has been decided, a demon will live among the humans
For chance I could never have.
Looking in the mirror
The demon didnt like what he saw
So tired, so old, all grace was gone
Each day rolled around him and revealed
As he stared at himself once again
He was turning into one of them
The final disappointment.

The demon was in deep problems, you could think twice before calling him a demon now, he had his looks, tough body and wits, but now he was just some boy living with his mother, again, a normal young male southern country human, he didnt have a job, income, friends, relations, in fact, if that old woman had not given him so much of her money, Leo would have been just some starving idiot with absolutely nothing to do.
Leo tried to make his mother feel small and ashamed of herself but she wasnt listening, he tried to make his grandmother feel guilty and hopeless but she didnt care, he called his aunt on the phone but she didnt pay much attention. Nothing was working, so he quickly decided to simulate a happy face and be nice while pretending he was having a good time, supported by the strength of his money, hoping for the others not to find out how useless he actually was.
Leo was clumsy, failing to perform in detail, impatient, uncaring, bored. His body had grown big so he was strong, but it was nothing close to the force of the demon, at that state it was impossible for him to do as before, he could only remember the terror that used to be around him like a dark tornado, but now there was a grey calm, he got used to the superior strength, speed and form, but now he only had his pity human ones and felt nostalgic about the power, she gave that just to take it back, she ran away and everything was attracted to her.
One night while sleeping, Leo had a very long dream, he lived there a reality that felt warm and exciting, he dreamed about having a girlfriend. The dream began with the early relation already started, it seemed like he never left school and now he was in high school, it was obvious that he was still awkward and everything, but the girl had already accepted him. She was tall and had a well formed young body, she liked flashy comfortable clothes that she thought looked good, and Leo believed that as well.
At the beginning of the dream, school had ended and she was sitting at what looked like a subway station but it was bus one, she was alone, Leo said hello and sat at her side, their backpacks were between them, Leo was worried then happy because she was talking to him, they noticed for a moment about a loud vibration coming from the ground.
The girl was afraid about uncontrollable force, the boy seemed like he didnt care and moved on with the conversation.
“You still dont like my friends, do you? I dont like cutting my life in two, between you and them”.
They moved into taking care of their, her busy schedule, the birthday of her younger brother, the presents and party; a cake and a game.
“So much? you could keep some”.
“Dont you have any? you do, I have heard”.
The girl thought of his family, and tried to figure out how it was, over there in his house.
“Heard from where? not that these people know me much”.
“Not them, someone from somewhere else”.
Then the next occasion, a perfect one, for them to know, him.
“I need permission to come out”.
“Just do, what are they going to do?”
A remembrance of the past, the first time of this and that, how he waited until she was alone, and then he came close.
“Forbid about me? such dumb thing”.
“You dont even know, what are you going to do for work”.
And there it was again, an everpresent rumble, for a couple of seconds, again, he did not care.
“Are you jealous, perhaps? I really think you are”.
“Well, maybe”.
“You are, hehe, you look so cold, but you are… so sweet”.



Taken by the Demons ch 21

“To get my happiness I have done everything
But had done nothing to be blamed or accused of
The sound of footsteps became louder everyday
Then I noticed the fact, there was no time”.
The grandmother was still picking up fights with her daughter, since they were basically alone, as Leo lived upstairs and wasnt talking much after he lost his powers, the fights escalated and they couldnt even see each other in the eyes. Leos so called mother was annoying as well, she wanted all the house her own way, she knew that her mother was full of envy at everything, and everytime she left the house to go eat outside with friends or something, the old woman would become mad. One week she went out a few days in a row and the grandmother started to have rage attacks, so she invited Leo to walk around, do a little shopping and eat at the large mall in front of the hotel and dolls place, Leo used to go with her when he was mindwashing her, but later stop, it was very boring for him, he didnt feel like going but he wanted to get close and figure out something to do, get some info that opened a way to deal with them all.
Normally the grandmother would take a cab for everything, but since it was expensive, Leo convinced her long ago to take busses when she could, then she used to make a big drama to her daughters about having to do it, they didnt like the nagging about the taxi expenses and didnt answer back.
So they went to the bus stop, the trip was going to be short because it was near, they could have gone there walking but the heat was too much and the grandmother was complaining about her arms, hips or legs, I dont know, something, she was always complaining and making a scene. Leo was bitter because of the boredom and sexual frustration, ever since the little dream, he desired a girlfriend to possess and make pregnant every year, yet he couldnt find any girl she liked for that role, he was at the high glory of his youth yet he was stuck sort of dating a useless sack of bones, he was so mad that he could barely speak all the way, instead of paying attention to the grandmother, he was imagining what would it be like to rape one by one all the girls he saw.
The grandmother was inside her own small world, Leo could have talked to her but she was unable to understand what he said unless was something already in her mind, she wasnt autistic but stubborn and egoistic, she liked the people around serving her, and that included conversations.
The destiny bus stop was very near the dolls place, there was a walking way through the avenue to reach the large mall named after the sun. The morning continued and Leo was so tired that he couldnt mentally rape the girls around him anymore, they went to the bank automated cashier, to eat tacos at a cheap restaurant by a corner of the mall, those were made with pork meat and some condiments, they put all the layers of meat in a stick and turn it around some burning charcoal, normally Leo didnt like condiments but it tasted good for him, and they drank pink horchata as well. Then they visited the drug store and the supermarket, she also wanted to see some shoes while complaining the stupidest things about the ones she just bought.


Finally it was time to go back, they went to the bus stop at a corner of the mall, it was empty because of the day and hour, the main stop was at the middle of the mall, Leo thought it was too much to endure and was planning to visit another of the massage places near his house, it was difficult because he didnt want just any sex, he had a very specific taste he wanted to feel, he needed to find the appropriate kind of girl and it was troublesome. Leo still wasnt speaking much, he was carrying a couple of small bags and the grandmother one, he was distracted and saw a bus coming, he thought it was the one he wanted and told the grandmother to get up first without looking at her, she took the first step on the bus when Leo woke up from his dreams and noticed it was the wrong one, not really because he thought all busses went the same way, but he got worried it could give a turn to the other avenue, anyway, Leo said with his dull and bored low voice that it was the wrong bus so the grandmother tried to turn around and get off the bus, there was a heavy traffic and the nasty bus driver got mad at what he thought was a slow person coming up, she still wanted to get down, tried to call Leo and extended her arm looking for his hand, but Leo was so bored that he played dumb while sideviewing her pitiful face, the bus accelerated to find a way through the other cars coming and continued its way until the old woman fell to the ground and smashed her head just past the corner, then the bus driver wanted to escape and crashed the bus with some other cars that were passing by, Leo was so bored and then he happily watched the show of death and blood.


People liked the circus so they all got around in expectation, some tried to help, others just witnessing while the other victims got off their vehicles or whatever, police cars and ambulances soon arrived but in the meantime Leo went to take a look at the grandmother after the first group of people surrounded her, they all quickly noticed that her skull was broken and her brains were pouring on the hot street, Leo hold his immense laughter and as the crowd gathered around, he slowly walked away and took a taxi home, got off near the corner of his house by the side the cameras were and not the friendly neighbour houses, he made sure nobody saw him and got inside his home and room, he knew where his so called mother was and the time of she was going back, then with the house being alone, he got ready for the little tragedy play that was about to happen.
Bovine was a derogative used for the bus drives, the media merrily made a death count that went over the hundred every year along with the bank robberies, it was a very lucrative business owned by local politicians, and the bus drivers only cared about collecting money from more and more passengers who usually went through a wonderful experience of human contact as the buses were packed, there was no need for any empty space, no need to feel lonely then, never touched a woman? not a problem, never caught a flu? not for long. At that time there werent any cameras installed on the avenue, not that they will be useful when needed, and later they even made a special legislation about murdering buses, at least then you could be more sure you were going to get some money out of it… or not, they lived in a jungle after all.
After the grandmother died, Leos aunt came back to town and joined the fight against the bus company and driver, it used to happen a lot so all the rules were already set and there wasnt much to really fight about, the driver went to jail just for some time and the bus company paid some money, they also covered for a cheap funeral, only because the victims family could actually afford a decent lawyer, not that they did. After some boring waiting for the coroner to finish the autopsy, they gave them the ugly dead body, so it could be put inside a coffin and in a room, therefore other people could come to see it, then they took the coffin with the corpse to a temple for a priest to blabla about it and a god for like an hour, to finally get burned and stored in a box at some other church basement, ready to be forgotten.
The daughters were angry at their mother stubbornness, she went to the mall just because she was jealous of her daughter going out with some friends, she didnt even told Leo, she was angry at him too because he told her to calm down, and now she was dead. There were other feelings hanging around but nothing worth mentioning, after the funeral, Leos aunt went back to her home to fix some personal problems and promised to come back as soon as she could, she wanted to make plans for the future.


Taken by the Demons ch 22

There is no point of you to ask
For a passion to be had
Why, I?
Nonsense, you are mad
Not that theres much to do
Theres not things I can say
Theres nowhere else to go anyway.
The demon got tired of the act and was enjoying some relaxing days, the house was quiet and even his so called mother was in a better mood as she got rid of her mothers constant annoyance, she was sad about her death but her life was certainly better, something she could even easily express with words.
Leo decided not to rush things and looked for a realistic way to move forward with his plans, he lost his powers so he decided to do the same thing all weak people do to engage in battle, he bought some guns and ammo then learned on the internet how to use them, its not like he could buy his powers back, the girl didnt care much about money.
After properly studying he wanted to practice, his demonic luck helped and some noisy holidays passed, he lied to his family about some friends gathering, he took his backpack with the guns inside and went into the girls graveyard. He climbed the two meters tall wall at the back side, where he considered the gate for the graveyard was, said hello to the dismembered buried girl corpses and hid in a room until he started to hear the early fireworks, then he got out and searched for the vigilant poor dude, he walked around the rooms, the auditorium, the classrooms, the offices, the hallways, the kitchen, the gardens, there was some trash from a recent party but he didnt find him, there was only one place left, the rooftop where the small room for his family was.


The demon got close and made some loud noises with stuff to lure him out, eventually he did and searched for the noise, cause of his attitude, he probably thought it was a small animal, Leo was hiding in a sweet spot and happily shot him in the head, then quickly made his way to the rooftop, kicked the already opened door and shot many times his pleading for life wife and kid, he was going to do a happy dance jumping on their bed, but he thought it was ridiculous and that there were probably flees jumping there already, so he just checked the bodies to be dead and left them there, did the same for the dude and practiced some more shootings on him. Leo also shot at the sky for training and fun, he knew it could be very dangerous and wished for the bullets to fall into an innocent skull nearby, with his demonic luck those probably did and killed someone else when they where less expecting it.
He didnt bury anyone, not even the vigilant poor dude kid because he was a boy, it is the girls graveyard, stupid smelly poor boys can rot wherever they fall dead on. Leo walked around a little to enjoy the place at night before going home, if it was the future, maybe there was a very small chance someone could report the holiday shooting of a gun, but at that moment nobody cared to do something about it. Guns were illegal so it was even sweeter to hold them in secret, its not like it was difficult to get one, he just needed money, theres a huge informal economy where Leo lived, he didnt have to think about the rusty legal system, the endless moral dilemmas and the corrupted police, there were all kind of troubles in his time, but none of those were his, so he let others to be bored by it, Leo had his guns and was happy about killing those people even without his demonic brutal powers, well, the bullets always arrived at their living destiny, it may have been the demonic luck.


There was a small commotion at Leos neighbourhood after the bodies were found a few days later, its was not the first time someone got shot dead around the place, there was the big shooting with grenades, the shooting of the blonde girl, also at the small avenue that was behind Leos house, one block away, a group shot many times some dude outside his house, then went in and shot his pregnant wife, both dead, apparently because of a dirty business. At the same avenue, one block further, another group shot another woman on her car when she was coming out of a small hospital for cosmetic surgery, a murder similar to the one of the blonde woman. Those among others, from several big cars filled with corpses and left on a main avenue early in the morning, to some parricide in some apartment that nobody cared about because it was the presidential election day and the gossip was elsewhere.
Its not like it happened everyday, there were plenty of thieves taking advantage of the laziness and such emotions of the old people, but in general it was a safe place, a calmed and nice neighbourhood, though some drug dealers lived there too, everybody knew who they where, and nobody was really surprised when something like that happened.
This time was a little different though, the victim was some poor dude working at a catholic place, he got murdered with his family, it was complicated to think of a motive for the murders, or maybe not, maybe he got along with the wrong people or something, maybe he was greedy, maybe he related to the drug dealers of the place and failed them, maybe he thought it was easy, anyway, the old catholics that lived in the neighbourhood felt very sorry for him, they prayed for his soul and everything, but that was it, when the police gave the place back, they hired another vigilant poor dude to live there with his wife and kids, when someone asked him if he was afraid he said no, that the small room on the roof was way much better than where he lived, that he needed the job and that he didnt like problems, so things were going to be ok.
In one of the daily walks the demon used to do around the girls graveyard, he found a surprise hanged from one of the walls, at the right inner wall of the auditorium entrance there was a plastic announcement that portrayed and promoted food, mechanical games, little stores, music and family fun, everything with the seal of the proud colorful name from the legal owners of the place, the date everyone and their kids were invited was the third sunday of the next month.


Taken by the Demons ch 23

All kind of emotions about the news of the great event.
Ignorant about the sacred and the sinful of the place.
Dirty peasants and their foul children amusing themselves as they dance and sing to the sound of idiots.
Another one of them, what costume shall the poor girl wear?


The gossip was very clear, there wasnt any mechanical games and probably wont this year either, it was mostly rented tables as stores and little games for children; fritangas, tortas, ceviche and some other cheap and easy to make food; used clothes and whatever crap they can stubbornly sell at high price; a couple of stores to sell low quality catholic stickers and keyholders, and live music for most part of the day from the auditorium stage, lets hope they dont get cheaper this year and just put a karaoke jukebox on the stage.
A couple of large buildings, both belong to the catholic church, one of them, the smaller, is a courses center, they give religious classes to people of all ages, but mostly adults who can pay. They also organize retirements for the weekend and such. It has plenty of rooms and space, yet they dont have that many customers, at all, it looks empty most of the time, some rich spanish dude built it decades ago and now is kinda falling apart, but thats the charm of the place, and the mystery of how they keep themselves in business, just the land tax must be huge, maybe a secret discount, or the church help them pay, or someone deducing taxes by passing it as a charity, which is not, a whole veil that adds to the twisted greatness of the place.

Ive never liked the metal feeling, as it absorbs into the skin
Performance to reach an objective, the motives to act
Outside, inside, and me, in the middle,
I really dont like it, the metal feeling.

The Sun arose that sunday like any other day, people did what they did like any other day, the demon wore his normal face and had his usual breakfast, it was interesting for himself that he still had a choice about the future acts, that he could prevent everything from happening then go back to his normal life, he could be a normal boy looking for sex and kicks, just like any other boy around him, maybe find a girlfriend, get a wife and make a bunch of children out of pleasant sex and wife abuse, but, who really is the demon? was he a boy who transformed into a demon or was he always like that? what is a demon anyway? whats inside a demons heart? the confusion about this concept must come from the tales of the humans who portray him.

I am forever a shadow, even under the brightest daylight
And Ive never seemed to care, all along the way
Maybe because I just realized, or put it into words
Forever a shadow, there wont be a change.

The moment when the plans and thoughts became reality, where the catholic curses center was buried inside the girls graveyard, the belief in goodness and salvation, the so called social kindness, all was destroyed by the cruelty and power of the master of the graveyard.

“Would you hurry up? Im hungry”
“But its too early”
“So what? its already time”
“When the movie finishes, in twenty minutes”
“Ill go alone if it doesnt”
“Bring me then”
“No! you must come”

Before the noon of that sunday, Leo told her so called mother that it was the day of the event, that they were going to sell sopes and enchiladas, that he felt curious about going, it was very near and he said that he was paying, his so called mother hated to cook on sundays, so she loved the idea of her so called son asking her out to eat, it was very nice, going out felt like paradise.

“You walk too fast”
“Im going normal”
“I cant go that fast”
“Im so bored of going so slow”
“Do you remember when”
“We stole plants from other houses?”
“That wasnt even me”
“You were so much funnier back then”

At a certain hour, Leo went down the stairs and was ready to go, he hurried his mother saying that he was hungry, they had the custom of eating early ever since Leo liked to do so, the others rather ate too instead of just watching him, and the comida time changed from past 2:00pm to an exact 1:00pm, even before then because it takes time to get things ready for you to start eating, hungry people like to eat and there was no point waiting when you have the meal ready to be served. For most people it was too soon so the auditorium wasnt full, yet everything was ready, the tables and chairs, the stage and the jukebox, the food, part of the cheap merchandise to sell, the people who had nothing to do anyway, and the feeling of a party.


Leo kept casual conversation with her as they walked there, they joked and smiled looking forward a nice meal. At the small fence of the auditorium entrance, Leo mischievously tripped her so called mother and caught her heavy fall, he gave her a little lecture for her to pay attention and then they got inside, ordered food and sat down near the middle, where there was a couple of women, both friends of the so called mother, they were with a small group of others, and they all sat at the same table.

“You wear a clock again”
“Why not? I just fixed it”
“What time is it?”
“I dont know”
“Fine, whatever”
“Of course”

The meal was not that bad and the surroundings sort of nice, it was a party at a calmed place and people were talking while listening to the jukebox music and the same fool screeching the same lousy song again and again, also eating and smiling.

“You took too long”
“There was other people, a bunch of kids”
“Wheres the bathroom?”
“Near the entrance, I saw some dude stealing the paper”
“Was it clean?”
“Kind of, not, Im gonna bring more”
“You ate too much”
“So what? dont you want some?”
“Only one”

If I were to be highly depressed
And ignore the hungry wolf biting my neck
Self defense of just pretend
Pity mind inclosed in tame
I would imagine everything being the same
Except for a dream of you
And whatever romance created you
Your sense of happiness and existence
How can I possibly care?
Ive been thinking as I changed my mind
The bathroom and the smell
Spinning in my head
How can I possibly care?
Im too lazy for this to make sense
Is it the crazy food, or just the scent of you?
I know, I know
The metallic feeling
And what I really am
Wouldnt it be funny to know
What am I to you?
So simple, I dont care.

“How come did you get a headache?!”
“I didnt sleep well”
“Fall asleep then, we have all day home”
“I guess, ok”


Taken by the Demons ch 24

Then he never answered the phone again, he never opened the door for anyone again, he had no obligation to do so.
There was a new gas station near his house, as always none of the neighbours liked it, they protested, some time happened and they got the license anyway by paying the county employee not to show up in trial and lose by default, later the neighbours shut up and even used it, Leo used it too, he bought special containers and slowly brought them into his home, kept them under the cover of his dominance on the second floor, then one by one, he went walking to the gas station to fill them up, he did it daily and nobody could care less, he even became friends with the workers there and shared stories about his old soon to be fixed car that needed a daily small run to keep working, he joked like an idiot about this and that and everything was perfectly normal, its not like he was the only one who ever walked with containers to get some gas.
To make it look more normal, he learned bad jokes about women that were the small sensation at the gas station and their refined, tasteful staff of brave and proud men. All was done, all went well.
Hiding the materials inside the graveyard meant no problem, placing the fireworks wasnt that easy because there was the new vigilant poor dude, he could have killed him but he didnt want to call anyones attention. The first part was to make a design that predicted the movements of the people, placing the devices inside the auditorium was difficult because they were going to set the table stores and stage, he thought of several possible places and left them to future luck. Covering the whole place was also problematic, it wasnt that big but enough to require a large design that could become troublesome to install, so the demon designed a honeypot, he thought of setting a few scary devices to make them all run to the auditorium entrance, behind the glass door theres a wall that makes a hallway to the left and right, with his key that he stole from the previous poor vigilant, have that door locked and there packed together, with easier device location possibilities, burn them all alive like little smoked people in a can, it was such a delicious thought, oh, and well, you have to escape too, I guess.


It was a very special late night on the rooftop of the auditorium at the girls graveyard, the weather was warm but the wind made it comfortable and pleasant, then a small rain happened but it didnt get in the way.
But the day had already happened, the demon was preparing the fireworks again, he checked the already placed devices at the entrance and inside the auditorium, he decided it was a good time to get rid of the new vigilant poor dude and the other vermin residing at that small room on the roof, the demon used his guns to restrain them, then put them inside a forsaken closet at the rooms building, shot them dead and left the corpses there to rot.
The day had already happened, yet he finished all preparations again and started to relax, it was certainly a beautiful view from the roof of the auditorium, one only the true master of the girls graveyard could admire, the demon sat and slowly looked around, there was still some rainy drops and a slight wind blew, his demonic luck was so powerful that he then met who was watching him the whole time from the shadows.


Weve been trapped here for so long… once I get things ready, will be different, youll see everything, youll feel excited… Im not sure about that cable… this? let me fix it again… yes, do it again… if Im not careful, I may get stuck… sometimes they host religious people in the middle rooms of the building, but it seems theyre on vacation right now, or just not here… I have noticed, I dont know why they dont like sleeping here… maybe they want to live.

The conversation suddenly stopped, not because of its meaning, she remembered something else and the casual talk silence became. While the girl stood there quiet, the demon continued its activity that was near its end, while many meters of cable were all over himself, she didnt care, eventually he grew tired and stopped as well.

Follow me… I need to finish this… why?… because I already started… so what?… a cycle must be complete… I dont know about that, can you tell why?… no, I cant.

Time froze as they stood on the lonely rooftop, in the everlasting night that allowed that moment to happen without interruption.

You dont even have to wear those clothes, neither do I… its not like Ive done, anything else.

There was no meaning anymore, except for being tired, nothing else had a purpose, and the day wasnt coming.

She was supposed to be living here, so when I noticed she wasnt… I remember… she separated from her parents when she, so, it was so obvious for her, being here… its a big place… for how long are you going to search?… cycles do complete… Im starting to think, she is not really here.

Entangled with cables, the demon kept immobile and gave another look at the dark now clear sky of a summer night.

Theres, no need anymore… its something, I can really enjoy… theres no point now, why do you even talk? its over, you died with that woman… no, is that, so?… your image, I can barely remember, it makes no sense, you dont have to wake up in the morning, theres nothing waiting in the evening… eventually time will catch up… Im, so tired of it, so what if it does? just some minor inconvenience, Ill deal with it and then… you?… why is it so boring?… I never knew, I couldnt comprehend, after so long… just look at you! hahaha… is, something, funny?… how do you even exist?!… cycles, never stop… theres nothing from you of her… I know… yet you are still here, and she will not, you killed her with your gun, such a lovely son… I didnt even take care of the body… why would you do such?… because, because… youre not going to speak like them, do you?… I have nothing to say… they dont speak like us, even when they have to, they naturally resist, yet we… we resist, didnt, we?… so much, just for that… its all there is… no, thats the point… dont you get, hungry?… no, not anymore… yet you followed me… no, I dont… I saw you, you thought you could disappear, but I always saw you… you didnt, and you just were lucky, it had nothing to do with me… you followed me, outside the house, along the back wall, into this place… Im not, following you, sorry…thats enough, for me to hear, I think, can you feel? Im so much happier, this way.



Taken by the Demons ch 25

You came for me, I knew all along
I was going to find you if I was loud enough
I threw a stone to the window of the classroom outside aisle
There was noise, but nobody around
Nobody, I can possibly mind
But I knew, the magic that became after you died
Waiting for me to come back
The stone turned candy, cause, I dont have any
It wouldnt break the window, but the hard one did
And it reached you, I wanted, to give it to you.
Im a little cat, to sit on you lap in the most uncomfortable times
Im so sorry, but I can leave you behind.


Alone at last, such triumph to celebrate
Acid leeches falling from my burned skin
Immobile and pale, the ground absorbs their dust
In pity and laughable tame
Of elements these animals couldnt understand
Everything comes to end
The immense force that tested my strength
Waiting for me to fall as well
The egg crushed but I defeated them first
The air is cool, the shade with a new color
Their blood rusts, yet leaves an scent
For them to follow and engage war again
But not today, the empty void fills
With that other world I fell from
If I knew what I could do
One is one, and one is two
Sitting on the fireworks to burst
The pathway of the sky I trust
To know, I was to get my own pyramid
I guess it all makes sense now
If saw my own dead, should I try to prevent it?
If I do, should I live forever?
Never age and always be healthy
Tragical times and become very wealthy
History changed, cause Im with you.

You thought I wasnt going to hug you?
I thought you were going to be afraid
Not that it would have stopped me
As you see, nothing did
Sorry, if it took a while
Dont you think its too much?
How are you going to be mad at me
While being siamese?
But no, I dont allow it
I dont want you to live here
and I dont have any strength left
I wish I could leave a crater
Im too tired to even do that
I know, I know
But I will find her
Yet such fun play
Its all worth in the end
You just did it for my hug
Such lengths you go
Theres no, going back
The immense earth will recover and seal
I dont have any strength left
And I, I dont care
The pride of a moveless, cold, dull
The color is being pushed out
Stiff stale air, a pull from every side
Its coming back again
Rocket propelled for a minute
Then she vanished and was gone.